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These are my "peers"?

As most of you already know (thanks to my endless Facebook status updates), I embraced my civic responsibility and reported to jury duty yesterday. Despite the fact that I was at Dram on Tuesday night until all hours downing vodka in various forms and only had 3.5 hours of sleep, I managed to wake up at 7am relatively unscathed and made my way to the dank, unnecessarily bright room on Thomas street by 8:45am. (Wow, that's a long sentence.) 
It was a very uneventful day of sitting and waiting...of being hot, and being cold...of hearing chatty pigeons purring on the window sill and enduring wafts of really bad aftershave. It was a day where people didn't feel weird about making prolonged yawn/stretching noises in a roomful of strangers, nor did they think it annoying to repeatedly clack clack clack in their heels (multiple times) allllll the way up to the clerk's desk to ask a question he already answered 10 times before. If these are my "peers," I'll take my chances being bound and thrown into a lake to determine my innocence if I'm ever in a pickle.

Where does the phrase "in a pickle" come from? Maybe I'll suggest it to Alexis for Whatever's word(s) of the week segment. In any case, I'll find out because now I have probably piqued all of your interests. Yes, all 3 of you regular readers are dying to know where that phrase comes from. Don't deny it, don't even try it. Speaking of Whatever, Jennifer and Alexis got Rosie O'Donnell to come on the show for 2 whole hours on Monday. It was fun radio. If you wanna see producer Chrissy's fabulous transcript of the show, click here.

In other news, TV shows are back from hiatus or starting to premiere. What are you kids watching? 24 is as contrived as ever, but I love it as usual. I am a sucker for gun wielding field agents...especially kick ass Agent Walker. Privileged is one of my guilty pleasures. (It's well cast and sharply written for bubblegum fare, truly.) Ellen and I have yet to sit down and watch last week's 30 Rock and Ugly Betty, but I am looking forward to it. (Yes, I am a loser.) And, of course, there is American Idol, the guiltiest pleasure of them all. There is a new judge, it seems? What's the deal with that? Talk more TV on my bulletin board people. Participate in the process. Do your civic duty or you are d.e.d. (That's dead, for you educated, literate types.) Or maybe I'll lock you in a room with your "peers" for seven hours. Yeah, that.

I gotta go. I am soooooooo frickin tired and I've got nothing to show for it. Perhaps I'll be motivated to start on my sitcom idea tomorrow. Perhaps not. Tune in later to find out. Or just check Facebook at any point in the day. I'm sure that in between telling everyone what I ate for lunch and whether I parted my hair to the left or to the right there will be something about my inability to focus and/or write something meaningful/good.-h

p.s. Shout out to Paul, whose birthday was Monday! Thank you, BFF and Vic for the yummy steak and wine. Can't wait to test drive that TV with y'all. Is the living room DVR hooked up yet? 42-inch midgets, Vicky! A dreamy paradox.

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