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Golden globules of beer grime

Hey, all. It's Mooooonday and by the time most of you read this you'll have already started your day. It's 2:15ish a.m. right now and I have decided to write an entry before washing off my beer grime and calling it a night. It'll be a short one because I really don't have anything to say. I've learned that people stop checking in on websites that are dead for months on end (it's like you have better things to do or something), so I'm doing the thing I hate most - talking when I have nothing to say. (Ha! Who am I kidding? I love blabbing about nothing! It's funny because I really thought I meant that when I typed it and then I reread it and laughed my ass off.)                   

So, Kate Winslet and Slumdog Millionaire were big Golden Globe winners, it seems. Good. I think both are very deserving. Colin Farrell, on the other hand... Dunno what that was about but I didn't see the movie, so I'll refrain from saying WHAT THE WHAAAAAAT? Or not. Was at Dram watching them with the crew when Kate won her award. Holy crap she was surprised! It's nice when celebs actually seem/are sincere. On the other hand, Steven Spielberg was all kinds of happy with himself when he accepted his lifetime achievement award (I'm assuming that's what he accepted - the sound was off). Snore. My favorite Spielberg film was released when I was five, so it's kind of been all downhill from there for me as far as he is concerned. Anyway, I'm breaking my rule re: discussing celebrities for more than 40 seconds, so I'll stop.

Enjoy your day. Oh, and register on my new bulletin board if you haven't already!

P.S. Sorry about the game, Giants fans (especially you, Ellen). But congrats to all of my Philly fan friends. Although, really, does your state have to win every major sporting title this year?

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