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Captain Sully Rocks!

Here he is, Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III, hero of yesterday's emergency plane landing in the Hudson River. Here's the Associated Press article that provides some background on this quick thinking pilot. He, his co-pilot Jeff Skiles, some kick ass flight attendants and rescuers from all over the damn place warmed my weary old NY heart with their heroics. So, cheers to them...it's nice when happy endings occur in real life.
In other less life-altering news, I finished watchingAmerican Idol's 3,000 hour premiere. Its length was quite unnecessary. They could've edited the Arizona and Kansas auditions down to an hour for each city, no prob. Supposedly viewership is down. Could it be because the show is becoming more and more staged and contrived? <i>AI</i> was fun in the beginning because the crazies were a bit more unexpected and producers had no hype and product placement to deal with. Oh well, it's to be expected, I guess. In any case, I watched the whole damn thing and have started a list of predictions which will be revised each week on the bulletin board.

I am headed to the Condé Nast cafeteria today for lunch with Gerri and Jen. I haven't been back to the "bitch building," as one of my other friends so subtly terms it, since I left Brides in 2004. Should be interesting. I'm trying to decide what clothing ensemble of mine would be most offensive to the fashionistas so I can be sure to provoke glares. I probably won't figure it out until I get in the shower, though, because that is where I make all of my decisions. (Seriously.)

It's Friday, people! Smile! And Liz, if you happen to be reading, Love ya and Happy Birthday!!!! -h

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