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Back from the dead

Okay, so apparently I went on hiatus for the summer. Did you give up on me, Dana? Hope not...you are one of my three regular blog "subscribers". The last time we "talked" it was the beginning of June and Kristy just got married. Well, since then, Jolie and cousin Jennifer got hitched, I turned 33, Michael Phelps got a bazillion gold medals, Barack got the Democratic nomination, McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate and, most importantly, I now officially have a part time bartending career. My parents are SO proud...just kidding.

Well I suppose I'll talk about McCain's VP pick since it just happened. "Little known" Sarah Palin has probably been Googled to within an inch of her cyberlife in the past half hour. Interesting choice on McCain's part. As interesting as Obama's Biden pick, I'd say. This election's gonna be a close one. I really don't feel like musing about the state of political things just yet...I'll see how everything unfolds in the next few weeks. I will say, though, that the fact that there is a black man running for prez, a female runner up that almost clinched the nomination and a female on another ticket means we are making some progress. Good for you, America. Finally practicing a little of what you preach. I will also say that it is funny that the city of Scranton has played such a role in the political rhetoric as of late. Chris Steel sent me an article about good 'ole Scranton and its emergence as THE pull yourself up by your bootstraps city. Check it out here.

I didn't watch much of the Olympics for some reason. Caught some of Michael Phelps' races. Amazing, of course. Oh and I saw that cute kid Shawn Johnson win the gold on beam. The closing ceremonies were really weird, no? A bazillion people in unitards weaving and waving everywhere. I was watching them in the bar I work at and another bartender, Brian, said, "Wow, look at ALL of those people. They could only pull a thing like this off in China." Love it.

I turned 33 in July and had one of the nicest birthdays ever. Dinner at the low key and lovely Dolcino and then drinks at the dive bar Whiskey River.Everyone mixed and mingled happily and without incident and I only had to walk a few blocks home to my bed. Heavenly!

Best wishes and congratulations to Jen and Mike and Jolie and Stephen, whose weddings I recently attended. They were gorgeous weddings! And I got a mini vacation out of Jolie's wedding, as it was in Block Island, RI. It was 4 days of cocktails, drinks on the beach, big beautiful old houses and breathtaking scenery. Good times. You can link to the full albums of the wedding pics I took at both weddings from the pics on this page. I can't possibly have any more family or friends planning to get hitched, can I? Why yes...I can! I have Melissa's wedding coming up in October, I am unfortunately missing Molly's Chicago wedding (also in October) and Stacey is threatening to tie the knot some time next year. And I suppose, Karen Bryden, that you'll be next. Oh and I can't forget YOU, Vicky...when are we headed to the cute little church in Darbbbbbyshiiire?

I officially have two shifts at Dram Shop in Park Slope now (Sundays 12-9 and Tuesdays 2-9). The vibe is great and the food is yummy (the burger made New York Magazine's Cheap Eatsissue), so if you haven't already visited (and thanks to those who made the trek out!) come on by.

Alrighty, that's the update. Time for me to eat something and watch the rest of my Damages episodes on Netflix. (You HAVE to check this show out...it's awesome.)

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