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June 03, 2008

Cyclones, concessions, castles and Cook

Bored of those Nepal pics? I bet you are. It's almost been a month since I've written. Since we last spoke, much has happened in the world. Most importantly, the natural disasters that occurred in China and Myanmar highlighted humanity at its best and worst, with countries scrambling to help, and authoritarian regimes scrambling to hurt. It is most certainly true that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Speaking of power...it looks like Hillary is set to concede the Democratic nomination. How incredibly depressing for her. While I do like Obama, I will admit that I was excited at the prospect of having a female president. And, for the record, I do believe that Hillary has the skills and would've been a strong and intelligent leader. Well, there is always 2012 and in the meantime, having a well spoken, intelligent, young and idealistic leader isn't exactly a second best situation. Hopefully the fractured Dems can make nice so we can get him in. It will be thrilling to see our country close the door bit on its racist and ethnocentric past and choose a black man to lead the country.

In the entertainment world, David Cook won American Idol. I said it before and I'll say it again (because I'm obnoxious like that), I picked him on Day 1. He was truly plucked from obscurity and deserves all the success I know he will achieve. Go David! Also, I saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I am a HUGE Indy fan as some of you know and I do have a detailed opinion about the flick, but I won't talk about it until Dana sees the film (she is also an Indy buff). I will say that The New Yorker, had a review that was spot on, in my opinion, so if you wanna know what I think, read this. I also saw What Happens in Vegas with Ellen because she loves Cameron Diaz and really really wanted to see it. Since I absolutely REFUSED to see Sex and the City with her, I thought I'd give in and go see what I thought would be a relatively lame movie. Surprisingly, it was cute and fun. I mean, it was a bit of fluff and the dialogue was junior varsity but Cameron and Ashton made it fun to watch. If you can get past the contrived plot and just enjoy the odd couple style interactions, it makes for a nice 2 hour brain vacation.

Moving on to musings on Kristy and Pete's beautiful wedding. It was last Monday and you can link to the full album to see pics (yes, I wore THE dress AGAIN). The event took place at Oheka castle, this absolutely breathtaking venue in Cold Spring Hills on Long Island. (Apparently, the backstory goes that the Oheka guy was Jewish and none of the WASPS would let them into their country clubs so he built a HUMONGOUS "Screw you bastards" castle. Do correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd prefer that this story was true because it's funny.) Anyway, Kristy looked gorgeous and the weather was magnificent. Everything was very classy, right down to the very end, when Kristy gave her bouquet to the woman married for the longest time (over 55 years I think). That woman, of course, was her beautiful grandmother (wearing blue in the photo on this page). Twas a party out of a fairytale. The two newlyweds are in Hawaii right now. Hope you kids are having fun.

Oh...my cousin Nicole put my mother on Facebook! Hilarious. So please be Angela Joan Leo's friend. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. And if you haven't put Scrabulous or Scramble on your page, put it on already so we can play!

Almost forgot - I bar backed on Saturday at this cool place in Park Slope called the Dram Shop. It's co-owned by this great guy Wade who goes to clinics at the tennis company I work for. I told him I had absolutely no experience and he didn't bat an eye and said he'd rather train someone who really wanted to learn than hire an out-of-work actor type. Gotta love people like that. I wish there were more of them in the world.

Must go find some food now and prepare to go to my first Yankee game of the season. Babydaddies, look for me in the nosebleeds!

Oh and speaking of babydaddies - Gary Rake is a new one! Christy and Gary had a little girl (Connolly Aren Rake) on May 24th. Here is a pic! Congrats guys, she is beautiful.