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May 07, 2008

Barefoot and plodding

I’ve had three or four conversations recently that have all addressed the subject of the unnecessarily elusive nature of true happiness. One conversation had to do with the relativity of wealth, one had to do with achieving “success” by way of finding your passion and working towards it, one had to do with appreciating the simple things and one I just had with myself in the shower firming up all of these ideas. The last is why I am finally updating this website. I guess I need to blog to purge all of these thoughts weighing down my fragile brain - and to work out why I really needed to purchase Guitar Hero III at this point in time.

Yeah, so wealth is relative. We’ve heard it all before. Money isn’t everything. This is, of course, true. Having too much of it is not a good thing. However, not having enough of it is a problem, too. The answer is in having enough and knowing what to do with it. I was discussing my lack of greenbacks with Vicky over drinks last night (yes, my meager income does not preclude me from going to happy hour) and we were attempting to figure out ways for me to supplement said income. This led to a conversation about how much working for The Man sucks. But what to do otherwise? And where does a semi-confident, all-too-aware slacker come up with the motivation to figure it out? It all just seems so exhausting. Of course, if I was in complete dire straits, I would probably go work anywhere and everywhere. But, alas, I still have a warm bed, food in the refrigerator (peanut butter counts), and enough to cover the rent. This is pathetic, I know. Much of the world would kill to have such “problems”. Bottom line: I need a sense of urgency.

This brings me to the second conversation I had with my buddy Dustin - a highly energetic, go get ‘em guy with a great attitude. He shared a ton of good advice with me and spoke of setting goals and having a plan. He made good points. After I was finished hiding under the covers and being thoroughly terrified by these good points, I realized that what he was really saying to me was something he didn’t actually verbalize. Dustin may or may not have meant to make this point, but what I got from his words was that personal satisfaction and happiness wasn’t necessarily about knowing exactly where you were going, it was in the journey of trying to identify what you love and then trying to get there, taking care to stop along the way and smell the proverbial roses. This is a rather common thought that I generally espouse and blather on about to poor Ellen and Melissa ad nauseum, but often fail to put into practice.

Anyway, that thought led me to my last conversation with another friend, who lamented that gushing over an evening of Yankee baseball and corned beef and rye sandwiches made her a simpleton. I think, though, that she is incorrect. Dipping into my basket of cliché-but-true proverbs again – happiness is in the simple things. It’s all about the journey. So, I am not plodding along listlessly because I have no money. I have simply been too lazy to continue the journey. I’ve got the shoes for the job now, (not talking proverbs here – sneaks are called Vivo Barefoot and they ROCK! Read about them here or here) so I just gotta strap them on and get going. This is what I discussed with myself in the shower not 30 minutes ago.

One foot in front of the other begins now. Hold me to it, people. Hold me to it.

P.S. I would like to publicly welcome Violet Olivia Rosencrance into this crazy world. Violet was born March 26, 2008 at 10:07am. See picture below of her and her gorgeous sister. And the woman with the French martini? My fabulous Aunt Ev at Easter. Click the picture to see the full album.