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February 18, 2008

Catching up...

Wow...it has been over 2 months since I have written. Thanks to those who were asking for an update - it's very sweet of you to indulge me. As usual, I feel like I've been busy, but I am not sure what I've been busy doing, since I've technically been unemployed since September. Brides mag has been there to back me up, though...Sally and Nancy keep me clothed and fed, so that's nice. I've also decided to get serious about my "future" as a tennis pro. That's tennis teacher, to the uninformed...I won't be playing tournaments any time soon. We all know how crappy I am as a competitor. At this point, I would need a mental health professional on the sidelines of each of my matches to make it through. Anyway, I dipped a toe into the tennis teaching waters, and they turned out to be more of a murky swamp, so I'm trudging through and figuring out how to keep the ball rolling (pun intended because I am LAME) whilst attempting to come up with the rent.

Speaking of rent, most of you know that dear Melissa is moving out of her palacial room come May 31st, so Ellen and I need a new roommate. If you know of anyone looking for a room, let me know and I'll forward you all the info.

Alrighty, so, the pictures that are up are from a variety of events that have taken place since December. First up was Nicho's masquerade party at The National Arts Club. 'Twas a rather interesting few hours. Vic and I chatted it up with the most eclectic group of people ever, including some hosts of Antique Roadshow. Typically, I didn't know they were the hosts at the time and lord knows what I said to them because of the CHAMPAGNE. Couldn't have been that bad...could it have?

Next up - pics from Victoria's birthday bash. Sushi at Natori and then on to some bar that we can never remember the name of. It was the usual crew of old friends, new friends and ex-boyfriends getting along like a wonderfully dysfunctional family.

There are also pictures from Jolie's scavenger hunt birthday party. I've included a link, but if you weren't there, it won't make much sense, as most of the pics are 'items' that were on the list.

Next are pictures from the world famous Leo Christmas Eve party. I think they pretty much speak for themselves.

Melissa's birthday celebration was in January. We had hors d'...oh I can't spell it...ahem... appetizers at the apartment with the brother house and then we went to Vig 27 for martinis and some Michael Jackson. Somehow we ended up at godforsaken Whiskey River and proceeded to get our dance on BIG TIME. (The air guitar was unleashed.) Before we knew it, it was 4am. Good times.

Cousin Nicole's birthday was up next. After dinner we piled into cars and headed back to Nic and Kev's apartment. Unfortunately, Nicole did not suck in the helium from her balloon and sing the national anthem as she normally does in car rides after parties. Too bad. Next time, pickle...next time.

Kristy's bridal shower in Long Island City was last weekend. It was a very classy affair and the food was excellent. I was stuck walking around with two serving spoons for the rest of my night out, however. The softball girls were amused and confused about this and Stacey and Todd were in town so Stacey has all the pics of the offending utensils. Perhaps one day I shall see them. Ahem, M. Stace....

Last but not least are a few pics from Angie's birthday dinner last Tuesday. She loaded up on the white zin and we all had a fabulous time as the snow fell outside and we watched 20 cops descend upon an allegedly stolen vehicle. Gotta love New York. Hope you all are well.