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December 10, 2007

Turkeys, cakes and kids, oh my!

Pickle and her holiday magnum

Ganging up on Gretchen

Out with the brother house

Happy birthday, Maddison!


Visiting M. Stace


One third of my softball team

Angie vs. Brian

Hello, pretty people! It has been a while. I’ve got some new pics for ya! Visited Dana, Seth and cutie Cece in the beginning of November and got to see Kate and her two beauties, Quinn and Annie, as well. They await their newest playmate – Dana’s 2nd – who is going to be a GIRL! Poor Seth and Marty will have their hands full. HAHA! 4 smart, intelligent, headstrong girlies. Good luck, boys. As Dana pointed out, between her 2 girls, Kate’s 2 girls, Mia, Mallory and Angela, I almost have an entire softball team! We’ll start batting tee practice once they all hit the 4 or 5 mark.

November 16th was my annual visit to Washington D.C. to hang out with the current class/alumni from my favorite political science prof’s European Union simulation seminar. It culminates in a mock EU parliament thingy in DC (not surprisingly, I wasn’t the most eloquent one in my group back in ’97). I’ll admit that getting drunk with an ex-professor and a bunch of 21-year-old Scranton students is something I look forward to every year. (Yes, I am truly a huge dork, but I think most of you know that.) The bonus is that I get to stay with my friend and college roommate M. Stacey Bach and she thankfully crashes the party. This year I had a nasty sinus infection but still managed a good time. Especially memorable was a dinner with Stacey and her boyfriend, Todd, where Stacey quizzed a scientist (who studied sleep patterns) from the Walter Reed medical center about the military applications for sleep deprivation. He got a tad uncomfortable. Flying to and from DC was a pain in the ass, though. I had an 8-hour delay going and a 4-hour delay coming back. Because of my infection, I kept getting that throat tickle. You know the tickle I’m talking about? The one where you feel like there is an oil slick on the back of your throat and you can’t get rid of it and then you start coughing uncontrollably and your eyes and nose start running?! It’s really horrible…and embarrassing when you don’t have a tissue! But I digress…

Spent Thanksgiving at my Aunt Ev’s house. ‘Twas a good time, as per usual. We ate, we drank, we drank… we pranked Nic’s cousin Jeannie (who lives next door) by rearranging all of her backyard furniture... (yes, we are all equally immature and proud of it)… Brian the walking hangover took a two hour nap in the backyard…etc. The evening culminated in some sort of dice game and then my kind parents drove me and my lingering infection back into the city. The pictures tell the story a bit better, I’m sure.

Went up to northeastern Pennsylvania with college friend Chris to reunite with our long lost favorites – Ellen and Ollie and their family. The last time I saw their daughter Sierra, she was about 3 years old, so it was a shock to see an 11-year-old ‘tween greet us at the car! I am getting SO old. It was amazing to see them all again.

Brides magazine has been keeping me afloat with various assignments, so jobwise, that’s what’s been going on. I’m pretty sure I know everything there is to know about wedding cakes at this point, so if you have any questions…

Partied it up in Astoria Friday night with Nicole, Kevin and friends at some place called Central. Before we got there, Kevin handed me a joystick (I’m pretty sure I called it a joypad at one point…!?) and taught me how to kill terrorists with AK-47s and rifles in some Playstation game. (GW would be so proud.) I was having heart palpitations by the time I left. I don’t do well with these ‘newfangled’ video games where you have to look BEHIND you! WTF?! Mario and Luigi couldn’t go backwards! It’s all too much. I miss pong. I might want a Wii though, but Victoria says if I get one, I’ll never leave the house. I am sure she is correct, as I have a hard enough time tearing myself away from Tetris. I am truly the queen of mindless pursuits. Digressing again. Anyway, we met them all at the bar for a Toys for Tots fundraiser and we ended up dancing until 3:30am. Kevin, Nicole and I then scarfed down 2 servings of souvlaki each. We got the food from a street vendor and thankfully the street meat did not give us food poisoning and/or a parasite. Close one.

This past Saturday I journeyed to Little Neck for my Godchild Maddison’s 1st birthday. The last time I saw her she was practically a newborn, so it was cool to get to know her little (nay, BIG) personality! Maddison knows what she wants and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Her rambunctious cousins were all up in her grill, but she was having none of it! Love it. Simone, if you are reading this (you crazy voyeur, you), she is a beauty and I had a great time seeing all of you. I have this strange ringing in my ear, though…it sounds like someone screaming at a high pitch…wait, no…it’s someone saying a name…two names! It’s, “ERIC AND JAKE! JAKE! ERIC! ERIC AND JAKE!” Make it stop! :)

p.s.Our friend Ethan’s newest band is getting some great press. If you haven’t already, check them out at myspace.com/thegreyraceband. And they’re going to be at Arlene's Grocery on Wednesday night.

p.s.s.Shout out to the brother house! Ellen, Melissa and I enjoyed some Ms. Pac Man at one of BFF’s fave’s - The SKINnY- with Brad, Schwabe and Jeff last week.

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