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November 06, 2007

Halloween and other goings on...

Love-a-lot meets Shoot-a-lot

Care Bears!

Hanging with Josh

Let's go Jets!

The cutest Minnie girl


Partying in Pelham

How is everyone's November going? More importantly, how was everyone's Halloween? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because (and I've said this to many of you already) A. it is not religiously affiliated B. it doesn't include traveling far or buying gifts that people don't really like anyway and C. you get to dress up. This year, my roommates Ellen and Melissa and I went as gunslingers. The jury is out on whether they were outlaws and I was a sheriff or if they were my deputies. They looked pretty bad ass, so I'm gonna go with outlaws. One thing that we were NOT - cowgirls. Between our Care Bear friends getting all of the attention with their adorable costumes (you guys really did look awesome!) and people mistaking us for cowgirls, I decided that this would be the last year for the gunslinger costume. Alright, maybe I won't retire it completely...I mean, I did risk my life painting one hell of a toy gun (see pic in album). (The label actually said this: "This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.") Yikes! I wore a mask thingy when I used it but geez. And why is it that this chemical is only known to cause Cancer in the State of California...and...why is State capitalized in the phrase 'State of California'. Phew. I'm out of breath (and out of my mind). Back to my original point: Halloween rocked. Melissa, Ellen, Jeff, Paul, Brad, Geoff and I went on quite the mini bar crawl. I can't remember exactly where we went. Wait, let me tax the memory and try...nope...nothing is coming. Oh wait...It's coming to me (well, Ellen's shouting out the names of the bars from the other room). We went to Sweet and Vicious, Bleecker Street Bar, Swift and Crime Scene.

Saturday night was Sally's party in Pelham in celebration of Lindsay and Matt's new marriage. The party got a little crazy when Nancy Lou's 8-year-old son, Matthew, started playing the alphabet game with world countries. Lindsay, Nancy and I played until the bitter Z's. I do recall idiotically shouting out Hawaii for the H's, but I seem to recall someone else...ahem, Sarah...yelling out Georgia for the G's. Of course Georgia IS an actual country and Sarah will no doubt say that the country bordered by Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan is the land she was speaking of. What I have to say to that is nu-uh...and WHATever! Brides magazine's entire staff enjoyed the free-flowing wine and champagne (ahhh!), as well as Sally's homemade pigs-in-a-blanket and other yummy edibles. Ellen and I were practically the last to leave (there was still champagne left) and we ended up getting a ride home from Lindsay and Matt. Matt, incidentally, is an amazing shoe designer. Check out his stuff at MattBernson.com.

Sunday I went to the Jets game, courtesy of Jenny's unused tickets and Vicky's invite. Vicky and I tailgated with Josh and his friends and I ended up doing something not-so-fun to my right pointer finger. It was sort of jammed but now feels very odd around the joint. I'm going to my somewhat inept doctor for a physical tomorrow, so I'll throw the finger issue into the mix. Of course, she'll probably stare at me blankly, ask how my tonsils are and bust out a medical book before diagnosing me. (Don't worry, tomorrow is my last visit with this doc. I'm going to get my medical records while I'm there and find someone who knows what they are doing.) Wow, tangents galore in this blog entry...sorry. Back to the Jets game. They were winning the whole time and then lost in overtime. Tragic, but I had a good time just the same and Jenny's seats were excellent. Thanks for the invite, Victoi.

Caught up with my old college friend Tim last night. He actually reads these blogs, so HOLLLLLA, TIM! Was great to see him and reminisce about our old times. at 'da U'. (Yes, Dana...it should be 'da Ule tide' on that invite. Eeeeediots.)

Was planning a busy day of going to the movies today, but instead, I edited and downloaded all of the pictures you see here, et. al., kind of watched You've Got Mail for the 97th time, made an appointment to get the milk and honey pedicure Ellen got me for my birthday from Jin Soon (it was in July, of course, but some issues arose with the toenails on the fourth toe of both of my feet and said issues have only recently been resolved...TMI?)and cooked myself up some garlic pasta. So, you see, I had quite a busy day doing useless things yet again. It's going to be very difficult for me to get back into the whole having a job/purpose thing again.

Tomorrow I am not going to the doc until 3pm and I'm supposed to fast for 8 hours beforehand. Dang! So that means I can't eat from 7am-3pm. Poor planning on my part, but I have to get the stupid physical and I don't wanna go just for this finger thing, because what if there is nothing really wrong with the finger (I'm typing with it now...can't be broken, right?) and then I'm just a loser hypochondriac. Alrighty...this blog is an out of control babblefest. Must. End. It. Now.

Watch your backs...

Girls with guns

Goofing off at Sally's