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October 27, 2007...

It’s Saturday morning and I just debated on whether or not I was going to stay in bed longer for about an hour. I did the same thing yesterday. Pathetic. It’s 10:35am, however, so I guess by many more motivated people’s standards, I DID stay in bed. Yesterday, the dilemma was tougher. I had nothing to do for most of the day and was snug in my covers with a cool breeze blowing and a cat snuggled up next to me so, despite fully waking up at 7am, I folded into numerous variations of the fetal position and laid still until about 9am, willing myself to be tired again, because I was so comfortable. I didn’t fall back asleep until 10am and what ensued after that was just wrong. Odd dreams, overheating…basic discomfort. Should have gotten up at 7am. But then what would I have done? Oh, yeah… maybe I could’ve gone to yoga, or bought that gift I need to buy, or looked for a JOB, or starting writing that next screenplay…hell, I could’ve practiced my drums (I’m taking those lessons that I can’t afford NOW, of course). Unfortunately, I did none of those things. As I’ve lamented to numerous friends – if I have nothing to do, I don’t do anything. I seem to do my best work (well, work in general) when I’m under pressure.

My compromise with myself this a.m. was that I’d get up and write a blog. Whatever works, right? Let’s recap what’s been going on. (I literally just had to look in my datebook to see what’s been going on…OMG, the memory – SHOT. The evil virus I had in July has eaten away at my hippocampus and the working memory…fughettaboutit. Ask me what I did last Thursday…I won’t be able to tell you.) But anyway… Went to a Brides event at the beginning of the month. It was a lavish affair to celebrate their “Something Pink” breast cancer awareness campaign. Very unfortunately, they were serving champagne, so 4 glasses and 4.2 miniscule hors d’oeuvres later, I found myself in another bar with a 50-something Conde Nast corporate VP, talking about…well, that’s the problem…except for him telling me he was from Detroit, I can’t remember what we talked about. I remember everything but the words. I can replay it like a silent movie in my head. Bizarre. Came home, got ready for bed and 15 minutes later decided I couldn’t find my clothes (yes, the ones I had just taken off). It freaked me out to such a degree that I wandered into Ellen’s room, curled up under her covers and said, pitifully, “Ellen, my clothes are missing.” The poor girl had to wake up to do a Bridal event on Good Morning America in, like, 2 hours and there was crazy old champagne head waking her up because her clothes were “missing.” (I think I’m revealing this highly embarrassing turn of events as penance or something.) The clothes, incidentally, were in my room, under a pile of other clothes on my chair. Thank God for Ellen, or I might have driven myself insane, because while I couldn’t find my shirt or pants, the pink silk tie that I had been wearing was hanging on my drawer handle, taunting me. I remember wondering (briefly, I swear!) if I came home wearing just a tie. Champagne will do that to you…well, to me…it seems. Went to see Brandi Carlile at Irving Plaza the next night after surviving a hangover that rivaled one from my grad school days in Scotland. She didn’t disappoint.

Some other updates:

The Yankees lost, as everyone knows, and Joe Torre won’t be returning to manage the team. I will miss dear Joe, but I don’t blame him for turning down the contract. I don’t care what mini-Steinbrenner thinks, it was an insulting set of terms. One year!? Come ON. So, every year the poor guy is on probation? That kind of stress takes a toll on a 67-years-old heart! Anyway, goodbye Joe…I don’t know how baby daddy and I will fare without you, but we’ll keep our heads up for the good of the team. P.S. GO ROCKIES!

I said goodbye to Donna and Anna as they left for their world tour. Ladies, if you are reading, I miss you already, and please send updates! I’m hoping to join them in Nepal in the spring, if I can afford the crazy airfare.

Mike McDonough and I (Team Sunblock) were crushed at the annual Oradell Whiffleball tournament. We’ll get ‘em next year, Mike. We have to staff up our bullpen, I think. Do you think Angela is ready?

Nicole now owns the cat that she was desperately trying to give away. Gustav has found a home on the upper east side and has promptly fallen in love with Kevin. Nicole is pretending that she doesn’t care, but really she is incredibly jealous. Sorry Nic! Thanks for dinner the other night, Geigers – and for getting my ride home. Next time I will bring better cheese, for sure.

Okay, now I must play one game of speed Tetris, one game of Travel IQ (I know where Eritrea is now!) and one game of Scrabble. I figure that while I am wasting my early 30s, I’ll make an attempt to stave off my brain corrosion. Hey! Does that count as multi-tasking? Is there hope for me after all?!

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