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"Tonsils again, huh?"


Jeannie made us wear them

Still standing

The curiously debilitating virus is back. I am a little under the weather these fine days. I went to my brilliant doctor yesterday and when she entered the room she said, "Tonsils again, huh?" I said, "Tongue, actually." She then looked at me like she might actually remember who I was and quickly said, "Oh, sorry! That was the message I got...tonsils." Then she shifted her attention to the computer and began typing nervously. Sigh. Anyway, she gave me meds and hopefully they'll help make me human again. I'm so tired of being sick. I've turned myself into a heroine from the Victorian era in my own mind...I'm that tragic pale character with the fragile bones and the "weak constitution."

I'm done with Bloomingdale's, so I'm sitting at home right now killing time while waiting for Fresh Direct to arrive with my food (I have the 10am-Noon timeslot). I have a meeting at Martha Stewart to discuss a more permanent position at 2pm and I was hoping to be in the shower by now. But, of course, if there is a time window for delivery, the guy never fails to show up at the last possible minute. Of course, if I went to take a shower right now he'd be on my doorstep before I got all the conditioner out of my hair.

My Yankees have won 7 in a row, if you care to know. They've got one more game against the Blue Jays tonight and then a series with Boston this weekend. The boys are very close to taking their rightful place at the top of the AL East. Poor babydaddy's got a sore knee, though...keep him in your thoughts.

The pics on the page today are from my cousin Nicole's recent bachelorette party. The evening started off poorly, as the people at Vento were unable to seat us because the large party that was seated at the earlier time refused to leave. We waited an hour or more past our reservation time. The manager and his crew kissed our asses and plied us with champagne, so by the time we sat down to eat, we were pretty drunk and the slightly older crowd was starting to fall asleep. Everyone livened up when we went to Culture Club, though. It was about a thousand degrees inside and the music was so loud that my ears are still ringing, but it was an excellent time. I was initially mortified that I had to wear the "Maid of Honor" tiara that Jeannie handed to me, but as you can see, it apparently grew on me, as I kept it on the entire night. Judging from the pictures, I think it's safe to say Nic had a good time.

It's 11:59am now and Fresh Direct is nowhere in sight. Typical.

Yucking it up at Culture Club

Still dancing

Hot rock

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