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March 29, 2007


I just wrote yesterday and I’m writing again! How about that? It's like old times. I’m antsy and bored at Bloomingdale’s so I figured I’d check in. Last night, Vicky, Sarah and I went to a little eatery that is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine - Bruschetteria. It’s tiny, totally unpretentious and cheap. What more can you ask for, really? The portobello and gorgonzola bruschetta is my favorite. Go there.

Here’s some news of the some-news-is-good-news ilk: Sally is going to give me a trial run doing some freelance work for Brides magazine. If I am up to the task, there’s a chance I may escape Bloomingdale’s! Wish me luck.

In other happy news, I had the rare breeze-through morning this a.m. A breeze-through morning is when my subway comes right away, there is no coffee line and I am just handed what I want without asking (LOVE the girl at Café 55!) and the elevator opens as I approach it. Vicky and I were discussing our morning coffee purchases last night and how wonderful it was that the delis we went to knew what we wanted and we didn’t have to talk. Silence…it is such a beautiful, underrated thing. In my case, I just slide a dollar across the counter (yes, you can still get decent coffee for a dollar - screw Starbucks) to the dude at the cash register and the woman hands me my coffee. If the stoplights are in my favor I can sometimes walk in and out of the deli and across the street without missing a beat. (The little things make me happy, it’s true.)

OMG – someone is playing Madonna’s “Holiday” loud and proud on their iTunes. I cannot! Speaking of subpar singers that develop a massive fan base – SANJAYA has made it through yet another round of Idol. Okay, okay… Madonna is way better than Sanjaya – settle down, Jason, et. al. I needed a segue. I am mildly amused by the whole Sanjaya thing. How do you think it feels to be a fraud – a cocktail party joke? Of course, if you just want to be famous for being famous, I guess it’s not so bad. Hopefully Sanjaya is just going with it out of sheer amusement and not because he is totally delusional. I really can’t believe that I even have an OPINION on Sanfrickinjaya, but there it is. “Borderline” is on now. Wow… I’m going to be treated to the WHOLE album. I love working in cubicles. You know, when I listen to my music I put my headphones on. Why are people so annoying?

I just heard this a.m. that James Blunt is dating Lindsey Lohan. Does anyone care? I need it out of my brain, so I’m purging. What else needs to go – oh, Saint Angelina is adopting yet another baby. She should just open up an orphanage already. I mean, she’s adopted so many kids that none will get the attention they need anyway. I'm sure the members of her brood will all be very well-dressed, though - in matching green cargo shorts, black T-shirts and flip-flops; heads topped with variations on the Mohawk and/or stylish shags, no doubt. I wonder if Brad longs for the days where he could get a beer with his buddies and wake up at noon. Bait and switch, Brad, huh? Missing Jennifer, I'm sure. Oh well… I think that’s all the unsolicited celeb news I have in my noggin. No…wait - there is also the Wynonna Judd thing (husband fondled a 12-year-old…gross), something about Halle Berry being suicidal once (shocking) and Bono was knighted (That’s Sir Bono to you, bizzzzzatches!). I feel better now.

I will close this entry with a song lyric: “Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way, I bet - so don’t underestimate my point of view.” Yeah, what she said.

Sanjaya: Stepping way the hell out...

March 28, 2007

Cecelia, you're breakin' my heart...

Good afternoon, lovelies. Ricardo has emailed me his blog entry, and, from what I hear, he is muy annoyed that I haven’t put it up yet. Sorry Ricardo…GOSH. I was practically dying yesterday from breathing in toxic air all day at Bloomie’s so cut me some slack. Seriously - the air, or lack thereof, in this building is killing me. Every vent harbors noxious gases, I’m sure of it. Oh and you know what it could also be – the anti-vermin/ insect sprays/gels that they put up there in the air shafts. I guess I’d prefer to be slowly poisoned than to have waterbugs raining down on my head. Sigh. It’s too bad those are my choices. It could be worse, I suppose.

Not too much new with me and, lately, I’ve really become a believer in the tired old phrase “no news is good news.” Yes, my cynical self has embraced this sad mantra. I say this because it seems that just when you think all is going well, someone’s family member is killed in a car accident, your doctor sends you a giant bill you weren’t expecting, the IRS decides to audit your poor ass, you get turned down for jobs you really want, etc. etc. Only a couple of those examples involve me, and, thankfully, they are not the first or the third, so I really shouldn’t complain.

Phew… I am Debbie frickin’ downer today! Shall I move on from this gloom and doom? Yes I shall. This past weekend I visited Dana, Seth and Cece. Cece is just adorable and Dana and Seth are ADORING. It’s so great to watch. You can kind of see how some kids become well-adjusted and some don’t. Cece smiles endlessly and loves to laugh, just like her parents. We had a very relaxing time. I slept late, was served breakfast when I woke up and was treated to a selection of about a bazillion DVDs to watch. We – well, I (Seth and Dana fell asleep!) watched Casino Royale, which was awesome and Daniel Craig is AMAZING and the only Bond I ever want to see again; School for Scoundrels, which was pretty entertaining and Crank, which was, um, engaging. Yeah…engaging. The scene with Amy Smart in Chinatown...wow. (If you saw the movie you know I need not say more than that. Just don't watch it with children OR your parents.) The male lead was awesome, though. Forget his name… Wait, I’ll yahoo it. (Tim, you out there? Google be gone!) The actor is Jason Statham, who was also in Snatch and some other stuff. Like him! I made Dana and Seth watch my guilty pleasure: Goal: The Dream Begins, with babydaddy-in-training, Kuno Becker. I laughed, I cried, they tolerated. Anyway, the weekend was a great getaway and I’m glad I got to catch up with Dana and Seth. Their assignment for the next few months is to try to stay awake past 10pm and drink more than 2 beers at a time, for we have to prepare for our 10-year college reunion that is in June. Get on that, you guys.

Monday night I went to the GLAAD media awards. My good friend Danny is a member of GLAAD’s media circle, so we all got tickets for his table. Danny’s friends are all of the fun, friendly and witty variety, so it was a great time. Watching Patti Labelle ignore the teleprompter altogether while yelling to Jennifer Hudson that she was surprised that Jennifer wasn’t a bitch was definitely a highlight. I wonder how they’ll edit her 15-minute long "speech" for TV. I think it will be on MTV on April 21st or something.

Going bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend with Nicole and the crew of barmaids. Hopefully we will find and order the dress we’ve all agreed on for once and for all. This weekend also marks the start of my softball season, much to Vicky’s dismay. Yay Brooklyn!

Speaking of Brooklyn, I’m reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn because I’ve never read it, for some reason. It is absolutely fabulous. Betty Smith writes like a dream and the story is woven so beautifully.

Okay…methinks that’s your update. Hope all is well and ignore my earlier cynicism if you wish to have a happy, sunny day. After all, it is true that some news can be good news. It can. That reminds me – Tim, why isn’t there a ‘News’ search engine for Yahoo? There is for Google. This may ultimately affect my advocacy for the former engine.

March 22, 2007

Just Browsing

It’s tragic. I haven’t written since Feb. 14th, and even my loyal readers have given up on me. It’s so sad to see a big old donut hole in my web stats. And now, the question is, can I win you back? It may be too late, but I will try.

Before I say anything else, I must say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE SHIELDS!!!! Hope it's a good one.

A lot has been going on. First, I got a phone interview for Teach for America, but as many of you know, I did not get an in-person interview. I guess my stellar personality did not translate well over the phone lines. This changes my life overhaul plan significantly. Now I am back to square one – bored at Bloomingdale’s but in need of a paycheck. There is a potential light at the end of the tunnel, though – there is the USPTA tennis certification. I took that test a few weeks ago and it was grueling. I have no idea how I did. I’ll let you all know what happens, for better or worse.

You sushi aficionados will be happy to know that I ate all sorts of raw fish that I would never have ordered myself at dinner a few weeks ago at Nobu Next Door. (Alexis ordered it, so I have no idea what I ate.) I was pleasantly surprised, and there was this deeeeeeelicious scallop thing involving butter and truffle oil that I am still dreaming about. Momma Angie came into town that same week and I took her to Penelope, which she said she liked, but I think she missed the white zinfandel and shrimp scampi she usually likes to order. She doesn’t understand why most restaurants don’t serve white zinfandel. I’ve tried to explain to her that they don’t serve it because it is horrible and acidic, but she doesn’t agree. Sutter Home is her crack. Sigh. Anyway, we went to go see that Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore vehicle, Music and Lyrics, with Melissa afterwards. I was dreading it, but it really was actually somewhat decent for a romantic comedy. Pretty funny, actually. The next day we went to mom's favorite place in the city – Old Town Bar - and stuffed our cholesterol-filled arteries with every vile appetizer we could think of - we’re smart like that. We discussed hypocrisy in the Roman Catholic church and my mom kept calling me a ‘liberal.’ I explained to her that I hated the term ‘liberal’ as much as I hated the term ‘conservative’ – they were boring, simple words that people hid behind to explain opinions and subsequent behavior that was divorced from a rational thought process…but that’s just my opinion.

Went to the Rouge Wine Bar with Chris for Danny’s birthday. Chris told us all of his plan to open up a charter school somewhere in a few years. I told him I wanted to get on board. Of course, it would be great if I could get some teaching experience, so I have to figure out another way to get into the classroom. Anyone have any ideas? Chris Steel will rule the world one day, FYI – I’m sure of it.

St. Pat’s day was okay. The crowds were lame, but dancing my ass off to the worst/best 90s music ever in “Choices” (what a DUMB name for a bar...just reminds you that you should probably go somewhere else because there are better bars to be loitering in) with Vicky, Ellen, Brad, Jeff and Schwabe was definitely a highlight. "Everybody cut everybody cut…everybody cut everybody cut…" xo, Kevin Bacon.

Hit the batting cages in Brooklyn with my softball girls on Sunday at the crack of dawn and afterwards I played Donna and Anna’s Nintendo Wii. OH MY GOD I want one! It is the coolest thing ever. We went to this cute Mexican restaurant for brunch afterwards where they told me tales of a possible trip around the world that may occur while Anna is waiting for her US visa to be renewed. I’m thinking I might join them for a leg of said trip.

Oh and tonight, I’m FINALLY getting my eyebrows shaped. Sarah recommended this girl Didina at Lather. Apparently Didina was Eliza Petrescu’s assistant at Avon, so I am definitely in good hands. We shall see. Speaking of grooming, Vicky and I are finally getting a hair cut. We’re going to Parlor tomorrow night. Don’t worry, BFF, I promise that I will not cut all of my hair off.

Okay, I think that’s all that’s been going on. You are all caught up. I’m off to Pennsylvania to visit Dana, Seth and Cece this weekend. I’m looking forward to getting a quiet night’s sleep. Lately, between my cat waking me up every morning at 7am and the street noise (it’s official – 30th street IS the epicenter of the universe), I can never get a quiet, uninterrupted sleep. Whine, whine, whine...hmmm, wine? Yes... but eyebrows first. Until tomorrow, perhaps.