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Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Hello all. Haven’t written in a million years for no good reason whatsoever. Today is Valentine’s Day, as you all probably know – for better or for worse. Alexis refers to it as Singles Awareness Day, which I find hilarious. I am personally of the opinion that, like Arbor Day, Valentine’s Day is just another attempt to suck money out of unsuspecting pockets. I was in Starbucks the other day (not entirely my fault) and saw their Valentine’s Day merchandise and thought, “who buys this shit?” “Romantic” mix CDs, giant mugs in a rather ugly pink (think dirty pastel) with a heart carved into the face and medium-sized teddy bears dressed up in pinkish suits and dresses. Hmmm. So who do you give these bears to? Do you give the girl bear that’s wearing the pink dress with hearts on it to the boyfriend or the girlfriend? And what about the boy bear wearing the pink tie, etc.? Somehow I don’t think a straight guy would like that…and why would a girl want a boy teddy bear that’s dressed all kinds of gay. Someone needs to give Starbucks’ marketing team a good talking to. But anyway – enjoy the day if you are doing anything special.

A nor’easter has blown into town and New Yorkers are slipping and sliding everywhere. I like storms – they break up the monotony of the work day. Although people do constantly feel the need to talk about bad weather, and this is exhausting. (Of course that's what I'm doing now, but WHATEVER.) Anyway, after the 20th time one hears, “It’s nasty out there!” one wants to bang one’s head against one’s cubicle wall.

Still trying to get the $196 the was wrongfully STOLEN from me from Bloomingdale’s payroll via some Marshal’s office via this SHADY collection agency called Pressler and Pressler – look out, people, they are ruthless. If you’ve heard the story, I won’t bore you, but I will say you should order a free credit report at AnnualCreditReport.com (you can get one free one each year). Check the report to make sure there is nothing weird on it and that they don’t have a few versions of your name listed.

Went to Saturday Night Live last Saturday night. Forest Whitaker and Keith Urban were the guests. Jonathan got tickets because his very nice friend Brian works for the show. We ended up sitting in THE best seats, then got to go to the after party and then went to the after after party. I shared a few moments with Amy Poehler, some cast members from my beloved 30 Rock, Kenan Thompson, Seth Myers, a very nice NBC page and, of course, the great Andy Samberg, who asked me twice if we knew each other. I told him that we might know each other, if past lives counted. The boy is simply adorable. Anyway, it was a most excellent evening. Thank you again, Jonathan.

As I have not blogged, I have not had a chance to put up pictures from my dear cousin Nicole’s surprise 30th birthday. There are some up on the page today, and if you want to see the whole album, click here. I think the pickle is sunning herself in Aruba right now – damn you, cousin. Anyway, I think she is done hating me for technically missing her birthday (her actual birthday was January 26th and I was snowboarding in VT that weekend) but her surprise party was held on February 3rd). Sigh.

The Yankees started spring training, so this fills my heart with glee. My babydaddy Valentine, Mr. Jeter, is waking up from his long winter’s nap. Good morning babydaddy!

What else? Oh, I know how to solve the Rubik’s cube now. I practically wore the little stickers off the thing learning how to do it.

Okay…that is all for today. Brain is frozen…must be all this nasty weather we’re having! Buh-bye.


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