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January 23, 2007

Litely social...

It’s damn cold outside, but you’ll all be happy to know that I have finally purchased a warm jacket. It’s only taken me 8 years. You’ll also be comforted to know that, in the event of an avalanche, my jacket is equipped with a passive device can be detected by radar. Good thing…you know how many avalanches I come across each year. I actually purchased the jacket for our ski trip to Killington that’s going on this coming weekend. Cross your fingers that I don’t break anything, because my tennis test is in a few weeks.

So…Hillary and Barak are in the running. History in the making all around! A very interesting primary and election are ahead of us. For the first time in a while, I feel that both parties are putting forth worthy candidates. I am actually looking forward to this whole shebang. But we won’t talk politics, because that’s too important and serious.

Instead, let us discuss what’s been going on in my social life (MUCH less important…and probably less interesting, but this is MY blog so… kiss it.)

BFF’s birthday was a couple Fridays ago, and Victoria, Rachel and I celebrated with Paul at Gyu Kaku before heading to meet a few more of Paul’s posse at Stanton Social. Good times.

Tim was in from Ireland for a visit!!! We all had Sushi at I-can’t-remember-the-name and then Italian pastries at I-can’t-remember-this-name-either and then we accompanied Paul to his gig at Pianos for a little while. Tim, if you are reading, you are SO DEAD for those phone messages last night. You’ll find out.

Friday night Vicky and I wandered into the Gramercy Park Hotel to check out the recent “improvements.” We were dismayed to find that the tacky old piano bar had been replaced by a sleek lounge of sorts. We had an interesting time, despite the fact that our vodka sours were $16-18 each (we still can’t figure out why it was a different price each time). A blonde woman with the fakest boobs we’ve ever seen and her overly tanned boyfriend dressed in a pink sweater eyed us quizzically as we perused the National Geographic from 1939 that Vicky got from an antiques dealer (her grandfather has a photo essay in it!) but other than that, no one seemed to mind that we were there, seated pooltableside at the head of the room in our too-casual attire, both fascinated and repulsed by the outfits and plastic surgery that were before us. We stayed for a while and decided that we’d definitely go back, AFTER a good dinner and some reasonably-priced cocktails, of course. Geez…talk about a mark-up.

Saturday night, Ellen and I met Vicky and went to Williamsburg for the re-opening of Luna Lounge. It was a very cool space and BFF was bartending. Good times. We went across the street afterwards to this tiny little bar called Black Betty and proceeded to have the time of our lives. The DJ was awesome and the crowd was diverse and very cool. I highly recommend it.

Sunday was an interesting evening as well. Vicky and I went to the World Financial Center to babysit Maceo for Jen, who was doing a number in a Grateful Dead tribute concert. Aging deadheads flocking to the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center…bizarre. We met Victoria’s hilarious friend from work, Teresa, and her daughter prior to the show and watched the parade of former hippies warm up for their “dancing.” Okay, if you are a Deadhead, I’m sorry if I’m about to offend you, but the dancing has to be addressed. What IS this dancing? It is more akin to a seizure or a good-natured tantrum, if such a thing is possible. There is a complete lack of rhythm. It’s an offbeat bounce or something. I can’t handle it. It defies everything I know about the dance. Someone please explain it to me. Anyway, Maceo was a dream, we got to chat with Josh and Jenny rocked the joint with “Truckin” or whatever the song is called. (Can you tell I was never a Deadhead??)

Yesterday I dropped little Emma off to stay with the ‘rents so she is not all by her lonesome when I head off to spend the weekend faceplanting in Killington. After much resistance on my part, my mom finally got me to go to Macy’s with her, but other than that, all was well. I gorged on the best pizza in New York, nay, the WORLD and was home just in time to head off with Melissa to Boca Chica for her birthday dinner. Melissa loved the hi-top Converse sneaks that we bought her and hopefully they will do much to heal the wounds of her painful Converse past. (Ask Melissa to tell you the story…I won’t do it justice. Brief synopsis – when she was a girl, her dad made her give her favorite Converse hi-tops to her cousin in the Phillippines because he really liked them and couldn’t afford them.) It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

Wow, I’m really blah, blah, blah-ing it up today. Bored yet? Before I depart, I just want to give a shout out to Slim and Anna, as I just read that Ryan Gosling got a Best Actor Oscar nomination for the film that they wrote/produced/ directed/edited, Half Nelson. I’m sure many more successes will follow, considering the caliber of work that Slim and Anna put out there. Especially cool is that they work their asses off and make their visions realities without compromising and without kissing up. Slim, I’m proud to have served with you as Tim’s bodyguard back in Hell’s Kitchen. Two words: Shine. Box.

Okay…so, last but not least, Donna is back from Dubai and she sent me a picture of herself and coworkers SKIING in an INDOOR MALL!? No joke! It intrigued me so much, I had to post it here. Check it.

Have a great Tuesday!

January 10, 2007

And so it begins...

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Okay, okay, okay! I’ll update the site. Thank you for caring, my loyal readers. It’s day 10 of 2007 and I have nothing to show for it. Typical. Our New Year’s Party went okay. It wasn’t overflowing with people, but the people that showed up brought their A-games. There was about 30-minutes where it got very quiet after Melissa and her gang left to experience New Year’s at some bar downtown, but thankfully a new Melissa (center fielder Melissa from my softball team) came and brought 4 very cool people with her. Anna and Donna were supposed to leave to go to another party, but they ended up staying and entertaining the lot of us with their ping-pong prowess. (Yes, Donna, I’ll arrange a rematch so you can TRY to even the score.) My famous White Trash punch was apparently very popular, as all that remained come 2am was a lone, soggy blueberry. Sadly, I forgot that I had the materials to make a whole new batch of the stuff and now we are stuck with 2 of the cheapest bottles of champagne in the world. Of course, I could just throw them out, but that seems wasteful. Maybe I’ll have a punch party next week. Or maybe I’ll just make thermoses of mimosas to take to work every day. Actually, that’s not a bad idea – I could use an early morning boost here at Gloomingdale’s.

Thank God the holidays are over! The tourists are gone, I don’t have to stand on a line that is 22 people deep at the post office and there are no more office holiday parties to avoid. I can take a deep breath and focus.

The latest thing I am focusing on is getting Brian and myself USPTA-certified to teach tennis. We’ve applied and signed up for the test, which takes place March 8-9 at the USTA. Got the study materials in the mail the other day and almost had heart failure. The prep book is almost 400 pages! I’m starting to go over it a little each day, which is unlike me because I am usually a crammer when it comes to studying. But the amount of crap you need to know for this test is crazy, so I must get started. Just this morning, I was going over the different hand grips and I am already confused. Great. I also need to brush up on my playing skills, as I am assuming the people I teach would want their instructor to actually be able to play the damn game. I thought 2 months would be plenty of time to prepare. Now, I’m not so sure.

If I passed the test, I wouldn’t necessarily want to become a full-time tennis pro (don’t worry, Gary, I am not ditching dreams of selling my screenplay, etc.). It would just be something to have in my arsenal. I would much rather support my bigger dreams with a job as a tennis pro than with a job where I have to sit in a cubicle fending off idiots all day. You feel me? If nothing else, my “long-suffering” brother might be able to make a lucrative career out of it all. (P.S. This tennis thing does NOT mean I’m forgetting about applying to Teach for America.)

So, it should be noted that my cousin Nicole has practically planned/booked her entire wedding (it’s this coming September) in the space of a month and a half. She’s been very decisive…not fussy at all. I love it. I believe she just has to finalize the guest list and send out invites. Oh and we bridesmaids have to find our dresses. I’m confident that I won’t look like a carrot in the rust color, Nic…really, I am. Hehe.

Master Timothy Lewis will be in town this weekend, visiting us from his latest hometown – Dublin. I will be meeting Mr. Lewis on Friday and escorting him to Hotel de La Victoria sometime in the afternoon. Looking forward to it, Timmy. I believe we will all be celebrating BFF’s birthday on Saturday… that should be fun.

I am going home to Little Neck for dinner on Sunday. My mother has requested my presence at a dinner she is hosting for a few friends and the two monsignors at her parish, St. Aloysius. These two priests are most erudite and my mother believes that I might be able to entertain them because, of course, I am scholarly and worldly and all that jazz. Do erudite people spend their time playing beer pong on their kitchen table? I don’t think so. Anyway, she isn’t sure if one of the monsignors is definitely coming, because apparently he is not sure if he is flying to Rome on Sunday or Monday with Rudy Giuliani and Judith Nathan (he is one of Rudy’s lawyers and also Rudy’s BFF) for an audience with the Pope. WTF? Must be nice. Anyway. I’m staying over until Monday and taking that sorely needed tennis lesson with my bro before I come back into the city.

Ok…what else? Was adding links to Alexis’s blog on Whateverradio.com this a.m. and saw that she was doing something cool. She bought a bunch of books and was sending them to the troops in Iraq. If anyone’s interested, she mentions this site where you can find out how to send care packages – anysoldier.com. Seems like a really nice thing to do.

Another really nice thing to do – dive onto subway tracks and save a man that’s about to be run over. Holy crap! Saw that guy on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday. I am still totally amazed that he did that and wonder if I would ever do such a thing. I mean, the train was COMING RIGHT AT THEM. Intense. Glad there are people like that out there in this city.

Have you guys been following the Donald/Rosie/Barbara saga? I try NOT to know about it, but it’s useless because it’s EVERYWHERE. My assessment: Donald is ridiculous with his rambling letters to the media and it just makes him look like a petty fool; Rosie is honest, but is rather crass in her delivery and just never stops talking (loudly) in general; and Barbara thinks she is classier than Rosie, but really she is just a two-faced, incredibly insecure woman whose first concern is her own career. OF COURSE Barbara told Trump she didn’t like Rosie and OF COURSE she is saying she did not say that. And you know Barbara is royally pissed that Trump told the world what she told him. And Trump is just stirring up the pot because The Apprentice has totally jumped the shark – it was the introduction of the loser ‘tents’ and bleached blonde hair he had in the L.A. show opening that confirmed the jumping of the shark for me, FYI.

Okay…enough of my two cents for today. Have a good one. Oh wait, one more thing check out the clip below from 30 Rock. And if you are not watching this brilliant show already, please tune in!