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November 07, 2006

Pick your poison...

Hey, it's Election Day, people! You gonna vote? I was going to remain apathetic and cynical, but a friend at Bloomie's who shall remain nameless (STEPHANIE) was talking about voting and now I feel guilty. Anyway, I decided I would make an effort to find my polling station but wasn't sure which of my fourteen addresses I was registered to vote under. I called to find out at 1.866.VOTENYC (go here for more information if you live in NYC) and I was surprised to find out that I was registered under my CURRENT address, which is totally bizarre because I certainly did not register my new address with the Board of Elections. (I do not have it together enough to do such a thing.) How did it happen? Does anyone know? Is my apartment bugged? Is Dubya under my bed? What's going on...my own friends' address books are barely updated with my new address. Well, it is what it is, I suppose...and now I really have to vote because I KNOW where my polling station is. Whatever. For a great explanation of what midterm elections are, check out this cartoon sketch from The Daily Show:

Enough about politics... Last night, Vicky and I went to see Jenny,who had a gig at The Living Room. (She will be playing there every Monday in November at 8pm, FYI. Go check her out.) Anyway, Victoria and I went to keep an eye on her adorable 14 month old, Maceo. Maceo decided he didn't really want to be there for the gig - something about being unimpressed by the venue (he is very elitist). So Vicky and I took Mace to The Pink Pony for a bite to eat. I enjoyed cheese in various forms, Vicky had wine and Maceo gorged on shoestring french fries and practiced saying the word "no". A good time was had by all.

I've been busy as of late, but this week is not as bad as last week, so I'm hoping to catch up on some emails, etc. If I owe you an email, expect one soon! Jason, I hope you are feeling a little bit better today. Vicky, I WILL get pictures of Frank up soon, I promise. (Did you bring your slippers to work?) Ellen, I hope the shoe shoot went/is going well.

Oh - I'm leaving for Pennsylvania this Thursday evening to see my college buds for our annual girls' weekend. Yes, we're cheesy like that and yes, we are proud of it! Dana is hosting the gathering and there will be cameo appearances from everyone's kids at certain points during the weekend. I've decided that since there will be kids there, I am going to bring my twins, Jamal and Antwonasia. Dana, I hope you have room!!! Jamal's almost as tall as me now!!!!

Catch you guys later. Have a great Election Day. May the least idiotic woman/man win!