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July 31, 2006


Good Monday to you all! Well, I'm writing this on Sunday night because tomorrow morning at 9am I will be in the office of a human resources representative. Don't be scared for me, for this is only a part time gig. Okay, be a little scared, because it's at BLOOMINGDALE'S. Yup. They called and I am going in 2-3 days a week until they hire someone full time. As some of you know, I'll also be working on Alexis & Jennifer's website, whateverradio.com. Look for it to launch soon! And so, dear friends, it seems that I have been given 2 legitimate reasons to get up, shower and get dressed before 1pm at least 2 days a week. This will be a welcome change, I think. My cat will be glad to be rid of me during the day, I'm sure. Now she can get back to destroying my desk chair in peace. Most of the pics on this page are from a dinner a few weeks back. (See how I did without ANY segue that time? And I barely feel guilty.) I never got a chance to post them, what with my softball exploits taking precedence and all. Anyway, a bunch of us went to this amazing restaurant called Gyu-Kaku, per Paul and Vicky's recommendation. It's this awesome Japanese BBQ place where you cook your own food. We had the greatest time...you all MUST try it. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to vegetarians, though. And make sure you bring someone who actually wants to pay attention to the grill so you don't burn all of your food! While I am talking up stuff, I have to mention that my good friend Barrie has a free podcast up on iTunes that she did with her friend Judy Goldberg. They are both senior editors at Parents magazine and their podcast addresses lots of interesting kid issues, including how to deal with bad eating habits, anxiety, etc. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, just type in Parents in the search box and you'll find it. Leave the ladies a good review if you get a chance!!! Anyway, this week's been a busy one, so I'm spent. I feel like I'm 12 and tomorrow is my first day starting 8th grade or something. I have to wash my face and lay out my uniform. Oh, but before I go, I just wanna give a shout out to Melissa and Mike Martin. I met up with Melissa, who I haven't seen in about 10 years or something, and her very cool husband briefly on Saturday afternoon. Had a great time, kids...let's do it again with Pickle sometime very soon. Ok, I think I've covered everything. Except - GO YANKEES! Went to the game today with some softball buds and watched them redeem themselves against Tampa. Thank God. Oh, and did you fans hear that we acquired Bobby Abreu from the Phillies.Yeah baby...I can smell October. Happy heat wave.

July 24, 2006

What happens in Chicago...

Hey! I'm back from Chicago. How is everyone? I've been in email withdrawal. Can you imagine - me, checking my email only ONCE in 8 days! I've finally stopped shaking. So Chicago was AWESOME. I've been there before, but it was a very different experience this time. We traversed the city from North to South and from East to West. We played softball in the ghetto and partied in Boystown. We hit the downtown beach and wandered through Navy Pier. We checked out the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie house and had happy hours in our hotel rooms. There was 'truth or dare' and disrobing - it was like being in college all over again. I'd go into more detail but what happens in Chicago.... I can tell you that the New York Swingers are bonded by more than our softball prowess. As far as the softball goes, we did ok. The thing was majorly disorganized, so it's hard to be sure, but I'm going to say we came in 12th among 32 teams. If it's better than that, someone tell me otherwise. If it's worse, then keep it to yourself. A few things are for certain, we had a helluva good time and I had a pair of fabulous roommates! Thank you, Anna and Donna, for letting me crash with you - i'm so glad that 2 more people in this world know how special my morning hair is. I'll link the Chicago pics on this page to a Kodak album later today once I download all of 'em. Right now, I am seriously going to attempt to have a productive day. You know, eating something other than Doritos, doing laundry and maybe even leaving the house. And then there's that whole job thing. Yeah...gotta get me one of those.

July 11, 2006

Will work for cheese

Hello, pretty people. I gave you some time to miss me again. Did it work?? I spent July 4th weekend with the family in the fabulous poconos at Big Bass Lake. Tennis was played, BBQs were had and there was, as always, beer pong. This past weekend I was up in Pennsylvania in a town called Kintnersville bonding with my softball teammates. Practiced in the hot sun and then enjoyed cool drinks and company for a great couple of days. Our hosts, Maria and Marisa, have an amazing spread that overlooks rolling fields and hills and everything Pennsylvania markets itself to be. Good stuff. I went with Ellen and my bro to a late showing of Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest on Sunday night, along with half of the country, it seems, from the movie's $132 million opening weekend. (Script is way lame, FYI. 1st movie was 100% better but the action sequences were excellent.) After the movie, I accompanied my brother to Murray Hill's cheesiest bar, Whiskey River, where we proceeded to close down the joint at about 4am after countless games of, yep, beer pong. Jesus, how old am I? Was utterly exhausted yesterday evening when I headed to softball practice and then returned to the city for another 'farewell to Tim' gathering (he is shuttling back and forth between the US and Ireland these days). I made it home relatively early and pretty much just crashed. So here I am now, alive and awake and not in too much pain. I am still unemployed and the government has informed me that I may be ineligible for unemployment (long, boring story), so I've been working on getting my body and mind in gear to reenter the rat race. I've dusted off the resume and sent it to the dark recesses of a few HR departments, but I don't expect anything to happen because I just don't seem to procure jobs in a legitimate fashion...EVER. Maybe I'll just stand on the corner with my "Will work for cheese" sign. I think I still have that thing lying around here. I'm going to Chicago next week with my softball girls to live it up, so that'll be fun. We'll be playing a million games so I am sure I will be beat down and totally spent by Sunday, but I'll be damn happy. Maybe I'll make some job contacts there...one can hope. Tonight I'm having dinner with the parents at Smith and Wollensky to celebrate my bday, my dad's bday and my parents anniversary, which fall on consecutive days. So there you have it. That's my update. Other updates: Cecelia Grace Rosencrance is getting her smile on and Vicky got her apartment back - does anyone know where she can rent a carpet steamer!?