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Government-funded, really well-read super agents

Well, well, well... look who it is. The few, the proud, the bored. And how are we all today? It's obvious that when I have nothing to do, I have little to say. How incredibly tragic is that? It also seems that my brain does actually function if I force it to. This weekend I was in Scranton, Pa. for an SJLA reunion. SJLA stands for Special Jesuit Liberal Arts. My friend Heather (really, there is another Heather that I am referring to...I'm not claiming to be my own friend) said SJLA sounded like it referred to government-funded, really well-read super agents. She was actually quite on the money, save for the government-funded part...oh, and we don't have weapons...and, in my case, I read a lot but don't remember anything I read, so I'm not sure I qualify as being WELL read. Okay, so maybe the other SJLAers are just really well-read and I'm just, em, super - super digressive. Yes...that. Anyway, I got to see a lot of my former professors and get rip-roaring drunk with a few of 'em, so the weekend was good fun. Some of the profs even agreed to give half hour lectures on philosophy topics (when they were sober). I know that this sounds incredibly dorky, but if you know me well, you know that I am a nerd. Listening to them...nay, hanging on their every word for fear of being the only one who was lost... was invigorating. It's safe to say that I've been uninspired as of late, so it was nice to oil up the gears and begin to ponder big, giant impractical things. Gotta love the Jesuits. I did not have my camera with me (believe THAT one), so I don't have a pictorial record of the festivities. In the spirit of reunions, however, I thought I'd dredge up some photos from my 5-yr college reunion to torture some of you with. Enjoy. Oh, I also saw a very cheesy but fun soccer movie today. It may have the dumbest title ever (Goal! The Dream Begins), but it is an entertaining couple of hours and the main character, played by Kuno Becker,is now neck and neck with Mr. Jeter for babydaddy status. It looks like this movie is already a franchise, with one sequel in post-production (Goal! 2: Living the Dream) and one just beginning production (Goal! 3... No title extension yet on this one... Shall I suggest one? How about--Goal! 3: Knee Injury, Disappointment and Retirement.) I'm evil. Have a good Monday.


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