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Dear Diary

I've been neglecting my blogging duties as of late. Why, you may ask? Or MAY you? May your mother? Did you guys play that game growing up? Mother may I. What a lame game. No you may not. Red Light, Green Light was so much better - I think. How did that game go again? Why do I have so many questions right now? Anyway, Emma is seemingly recovering nicely from her 24-hour polio-ish illness, so I may not have to take her to the vet tomorrow morning. Both she and I are pleased about this development. I am still a bit concerned as to what brought on the illness, but why wonder about things that have no real answer? This was what the writers and producers of Alias must have been thinking when they produced the godawful series finale that aired on Monday. Dear Lord. Not only must I mourn the loss of Jenny Garner's character, Sydney (because I like Sydney about four million and two times better than I like Jennifer Garner's actual person) but I must mourn the loss of a series that really didn't live up to its potential. Oh well... J.J. Abrams must've been too busy with Tom Crazy on Mission Impossible III. It showed, J.J., it showed. Well, at least your Lost finale was decent. Ellen's still scratching her head about 'the button'. So since we last spoke I've been a little busy. Lest you think I've been busy with something akin to a 'job', let me put your mind at ease. On Friday, Vicky and I were invited by Vic's friend Sarah to join her and her friends at the reopening of the legendary jazz place, Minton's, in Harlem. The great music and the magic of Ernest and Julio Gallo flowed for quite some time, and if that weren't enough, Ellen, Vicky and I hit the Lenox Lounge afterwards. The next morning was not fun for me and my beat down head and stomach, but I managed to rally that evening, hitting Sapa with Ellen, Sarah (a different Sarah), Paul and Vicky. The evening ended up at the always reliableFailte Irish Whiskey Bar and finally wrapped early in the morning. 4 hours later I was on a train to Brooklyn for softball practice. Unbelievable dedication, no? It's a pity such dedication can't be used for something like, oh, FINDING A JOB. Anyway, Sunday afternoon I headed to Little Neck for Kristy's law school graduation party. There were lots of people from my childhood past there - neighbors and the like. Everyone wanted to know what I was up to. I used the word 'freelance' a lot. It seemed to stump people long enough for me to escape to another conversation and/or the hors d'oeuvres table. I returned to NYC on Monday and had a fantastic dinner with two of my former bosses - one from my first job as an advertising assistant at Brides Mag and the other from my editorial gig at Brides. We went to Fred's and tacky old me took a doggie bag home. Whatev...it was good penne and sauteed spinach going to waste is a damn crime and y'all know it. Yesterday I went with my softball girls to the batting cages in Coney Island, then Anna, Donna and I drove the racecars and we had hot dogs. (This sounds exactly like one of my 4th grade diary entries.) If we would've played Red Light Green Light in the parking lot, I probably could've died and gone to heaven.. well, hell, really. (That's where I'm going, ya know...heathens like me go to hell, where there is no sauteed spinach and there are no dirty martinis...only starchy German food and TVs showing episodes of What About Brian? over and over again. Oh and BTW, If you haven't seen that new show, DON'T...sorry, Ellen...I tried to give it a chance.) So that's what's been going on... And you? How are YOU?


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Andrew is disappointed that you cut his head off on the 'gang of thieves' page.
Dustin doesn't really blame you however.
Are you around sunday morning?

Red Light Green Light next time FOR SURE!

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