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Construction Carnival

Good morning, my friends. I had a horrific sleep, or lack thereof, last night. I went to bed around midnight, and then woke up every three hours after that. My throat is scratchy and my eyes hurt. Waaaaaah. Also, I had these horrible dreams---like mini-horror movies. I was about to die for half the night and there were lots of demons sprinkled about. Yuck. I don't normally have nightmares. So how were all of your weekends? Did you enjoy the most excellent weather? My weekend was rather depressing. I had absolutely nothing to do and no friends were in town. I sofa-surfed, mostly. Caught X-Men: The Last Stand, which was okay, did my bills and cleaned my desk. Pure excitement. Well, if I WAS able to sleep this morning, you can be sure I'd be up by now. Our landlord must have failed to inform us that they were going to completely remodel the Verizon building that is across the street. Drills, saws, hammers.... CONSTANTLY - accompanied by yelling. It is a giant brick building, fully intact, with barely a facade and yet, they have managed to find about 4 million things to do to it - it's a construction carnival!! My right ear has been ringing for about a month from all of the noise. I might as well move back to Harlem. That guy screaming, "Frankaaaaay..." 24/7 wasn't nearly as annoying. Well, I guess since I am up, I'll try to accomplish something. Oh, Kate gave me a shout-out on her hilarious blog the other day, if you wanna check it out. Happy Tuesday.


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