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COBRA: Definitely a front for the mafia

Darryl's complaining that I don't update this site enough anymore. He's right, but there's a reason. I'm SPARING you from hearing about my boring goings-on. As an unemployed underachiever, I've found that, for the most part, each day consists of me cleaning up the room that I trashed the day before doing godknowswhat (why is it that I can't close a drawer when I'm done with it these days?), taking long showers, watching bad movies, deciding I'm going to go to boxing and then deciding against it and so on and so on. I do have something to whine about today, so I will. Last night, my scratchy throat turned into a raging sore throat and fever. I had a horrific sleep. Up every half hour or so sweating. Ew... annoying because I JUST washed my sheets and now I am going to have to do it again. Tough life, I know. And then there is the situation with my Cobra health insurance. Idiot that I am pays it at the end of the grace period each month and each month freaks out that they aren't going to get it in time and then my coverage will end and I'll break my leg playing softball and then owe thousands of dollars. Thankfully, someone called me back. I was beginning to think that "The Benefit Headquarters," PO Box 116737, Atlanta, GA (no phone number listed) was just a front for the mob or some noise. Anyway, Brian called me last night at 3:30am during one of my intermittent periods of sleep. He knows he is a bastard for doing so, but he rightly called me out, saying, "Well, you never answer the phone! But you'll pick up if I call you in the middle of the night because you'll think I'm in jail or in some other kind of trouble and shit." True that. Brain (mispelling intended) proceeded to inform me that he had a revelation during his recent vacation to Myrtle Beach. Stuff about buying land and starting a pizza business down there and lots of very positive, future-oriented things. I'm encouraged by Brain's newfound motivation. Please congratulate him for his moxie when you see him. (If you know him, that is.) Actually, whether you know him or not, feel free to call him at 3:30am and tell him your life story. And while you are on the phone, tell him to lay off the Red Bull, he's chatty enough without it. So tomorrow I'm supposed to be helping out a friend from my softball team - modeling athletic/yoga wear at a Lady Foot Locker. Hysterical. I'll let you know what happens. It's supposed to be on TV but I don't know what time or channel. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. My cold meds are making me loopy, I must retire to my bed for a bit so I can recharge for my softball game tonight. Wish a girl some luck. Gracias.


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