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Back in Action

You are all very lucky. Before I even had a chance to bitch about the fact that the CD/DVD drive on my iMac was all effed up, it went into the Apple hospital. In three days, it rose again, thanks to a crazy-eyed boy named Craig. Thankfully the damn thing was still under warranty and when the guy asked if I wanted to buy their AppleCare protection plan to cover it for an additional 2 years, I screamed, 'Yes! Yes!' through my sobs. Let me ask this question just one more time - why is it that all of my meticulously cared-for tech gadgets DIE early deaths, while OTHER PEOPLE'S crap survives EVERYTHING? Specifically, why is it that some people I know can leave a discman in a bush during a rainstorm OVERNIGHT in Central Park and not only find that it is still in the bush the next day, but that it works perfectly. It is not fair. (This was a few years ago and YES, I am still bitter.) Anyway, my computer issues have prevented me from sharing my oh-so-interesting existence with you for quite some time, so...let's see, what have I accomplished lately? Well, there is still no job in sight. This is both terrible and absolutely wonderful. My poor body is being pummeled by the boxing, yoga and softball trifecta that I've recently embraced, but I think I'll survive. Um, what else? Nada... I have nothing to show for myself. I did remove all of the keys on my keyboard and washed them. That is something, no? Tonight was a good time. Had dinner with Ellen and Erin, my old Brides mag bud who now lives in Oregon but was in town for work. Then met up with Jonathan and attended one of the most bizarre parties EVER. It was a DVD release party hosted by a yoga instructor named Edward. Edward was a most gracious host. I enjoyed a shot glass of champagne and was entertained by the Yogis Gone Wild dancers. Weird with a capital 'W'. There was shrieking and choreography and gesticulating and all sorts of expressive behavior. I do not think the Yogis were drunk, so I am not sure what their excuse was. I was waiting to be offered up as some sort of heathen sacrifice, but thankfully, such a scenario did not play out. Now I am tired and must away. I hope your Monday is satisfactory and tasty.

P.S. How 'bout that Stephen Colbert?


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