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Well-tailored separates. Hosiery is optional.

Please join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to my cuz, Nicole! Hope you have a good day, lady! I'll be celebrating with you and your buds on February 4th, so...see ya then! How is everyone today? Was very sore from Tuesday's yoga class and my cold was getting progressively worse, but I still went to boxing last night. PAID dearly for my subpar state. Oh. My. God. By the time I got to the medicine ball throwing/push-up drill, I was ready to DIE. Went home, where I managed to BURN chicken broth. You know how people joke about someone not even being able to boil water? Not a joke. Retardo. Attempted spaghetti next, but realized I had gotten lemon herb angel hair pasta and wasn't happy about it. And while we are on the subject, why is it that pasta companies don't package their shit in boxes or bags that can be closed? I mean, I'm not making pasta for 12 people. Put one of those little cereal box closey flap things on there. GOD...how HARD can that be? Cricket called and left a message last night but I was too tired and sick to deal. I guess I have to call her back today. Wahhhhhh. Cold is moving into the chest now...right now....as we speak. Going to try to leave work early today. Supposed to go to a screening of Imagine Me & You later...we'll see if I make it. Ellen brought to my attention a cool article about Vera Wang from this week's New York magazine about how she kinda hates brides. My favorite part of the article: Vera is sitting in in the registry department in where else but Bloomingdale's, and 400 brides-to-be are waiting for her. She's in a holding room...someone asks her if she wants water and she goes: "Do you have any vodka? I mean, there's got to be some vodka somewhere in this store, right? Vodka tonic." Priceless. And now, because it is just so hilarious to me, I will excerpt a portion of a memo received yesterday re: my office dress code:

Well tailored separates including a twin set, sweater, business appropriate blouse or shirt, dress pant, skirt, blazer or other business appropriate jacket. Hosiery is optional.

Causal(sic)/tailored pants excluding denim. Hosiery is optional for women only. Denim jackets. Casual shoes excluding sneakers.

FYI - I don't think you HAVE to wear denim jackets on Fridays, in case that part confused you. I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it is for ME to distinguish between Monday-Thursday and Friday. I mean, the terms business suit and, ooh, it pains me to type these two words, TWIN SET, are very clear cut, but all this talk of appropriate blouses and casual pants and shoes is kind of confusing. What are casual shoes, excluding sneakers? Does that mean Hush Puppies on Friday, Manolo Blahniks on Mon-Thurs? Casual shoes...excluding sneakers. Ponder it...and let me know what you think.


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Tod's driving moccasins? Hmmm... So casual=Mafia? Is that what you are saying. You put the cheese in the water! I love it. That makes me feel better. You're not 80...you're toats like, 62.

i knew you would pick up on the voodka/tonic ref. nice.
was just telling someone about your newly enforced dress code. maybe casual shoes means Tod's driving moccasins. and burning chicken broth reminds me of when i put cheese in for my mac/cheese and forgot to drain the water. rachel ray, we are not. woke up this a.m. with a smile on my face courtesy of mr. imus. kelly just informed me i'm an 80 year old woman. looovely.

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