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Very Important Useless Knowledge + Wanda Sykes

Good Wednesday to you all...40 degrees and sunny here in good old New York City. How is everyone? Believe it or not, I don't think I have anything to say! Is this possible? Let's see.... what's going on...? Well, I'm reading this book that's really cool. It's called The Works: Anatomy of a City by Kate Ascher. It has fascinating information about NYC's infrastructure and all the crap that goes on underground and above ground that we pay no attention to everyday. It's got a textbook vibe to it, but it's fun and easily digestible. If you are hungry for useless knowledge or want to be ahead of the game in case armageddon arrives in NYC sometime soon (SOMEONE is going to have to navigate the tunnels underground and know where all the abandoned subway platforms are), pick up this book. I'm also reading Wanda Sykes' new book, and I'll round out this entry with a fun excerpt from said book re: the California election recall:

My take on this is: You voted for the guy, you stick with him. You don't get a do-over. One hundred and thirty-five candidates, and it amazes me that some people actually got votes. If I were a California resident at the time, I would've voted for Gary Coleman. California has serious financial problems. Who knows more about being broke than Gary Coleman? He's qualified. But seriously, who would actually get in their car to go vote for Gary Coleman? Then again, I don't think you're driving a car if you're voting for Gary Coleman. You know you are taking the bus if you are voting for him. That, or you're making a hiking trip to the polls. There should be trapdoors at the polls. Once you pull the lever for some bullshit, down you go. "I'm voting for the ex-porn staaaarrrrr!" Down ya go.

You'll hear more from Wanda, people, oh yes you will.


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