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USPS + Today=Where's my gun? I need my gun.

Having an annoying morning. Went to bed cranky and woke up cranky. There's a reason, but I won't elaborate here as it would be hypocritical of me to use a public space to air frustrations when that sort of thing is what brought the crankiness on to begin with. What to do about the mood...? Dunno... Perhaps complain about something else? How about the post office and how no matter how hard I try, I never seem to be able to have a stamp on hand when I need one. Why can't I just buy a book of stamps? No. Instead, I traipse around the post office to each stamp machine (b/c the regular line is always soooooo long)...I stand behind this guy who is getting, like, 400 stamps, one stamp at a time---DUDE, don't you work someplace that has a mailroom? So I leave and go to another machine, but it doesn't take dollars. I go back to the previous machine because the guy is done, but as I am walking over there, 4 other people get in line in front of me. It was like some director yelled 'ACTION!' and all the extras filed onto the set...onto the line for stamps...right in front of me. I go downstairs and there is another line of 10 people getting the sheets of stamps that you pay extra for because they are for charity or whatever. Forget that. There are still two other machines, though... I walk over but, alas, THEY DON'T TAKE DOLLARS. I only have dollars. The machines are from 1984, of course, so they don't take debit cards either. I'M ORDERING THEM ON LINE. Today. That's it. Maybe that will make me feel better.


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Thx Elzer. Mood is at a standstill. No better, no worse. I guess that's something. Show me the Geraniums!

hey you- hope your mood got better as the work day progressed- is that even possible?
sorry you're bummed- that's annoying as is the reason for your annoyance.
bring on the yoga- soon you'll be a giggling geranium ;)

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