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The Weekend and Wanda Sykes

Hola. Vicky, are you going to get the damn radio or what? Howard starts today!!! So how was everyone's weekend? Let's see - Friday was excellent. Vicky, Jill, Melissa, Paul and I had a cozy, tasty meal at Penelope and then a few of us went to the Pine Tree Lodge. The entire bar got up to leave when I played Boyz II Men's "A Song for Mama" on the jukebox. Ellen convinced them to stay and then she and Vicky beat me down before I had the chance to play C + C Music Factory's "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..." Okay, maybe that's just MY version of events, but some of it's true. (And where did I get this black eye then?) Next day was brunch at Lovely Day Restaurant in Nolita, where I had the greatest egg sandwich I've EVER had. (Even though it took 8 years to arrive...and don't even get me started on the latte.) Back to the sandwich: it was a fried egg with Irish sausage on 7-grain toasted bread. There was also a side mesclun salad with the most delicious garlic vinagrette dressing. Yum Yum. We are SOOOO going there again soon, people. Shopping, afternoon martinis, the greatest spicy tuna crunch rolls EVER at Japonica,and then it was off to one of the best dives in the city, Bar 119,where we were to spend quite a few fateful hours before calling it a night. Hours were filled with tales of nail clippers and air-drumming, Sony Pictures peeps, a choreographed Michael Jackson hour (during which time I coated the toes of my favorite boots with grime from the bar floor due to excessive MJ-style foot dragging/moonwalking) and a giant 6 foot 6 man that kept promising to "call for his car" and "show us his studio" (he was harmless, bought us drinks all night and bought me the nail clipper, so I won't make fun of him... see, I'm being kinder in 2006!). Anyway, yesterday was a wonderful brunch with Barrie, Bill and adorable little Will, who smiles more than any baby EVER, a printer purchase and then lots of lounging around doing nothing. EXCELLENT! And now---BLOOMINGDALE'S. Maybe I'll throw you a little Wanda Sykes to brighten your Monday. Here's my girl talking about Native American sports mascots:

Mascots are supposed to give good luck. If a dancing Seminole is considered good luck, why not require the team to stay at a reservation the night before a game. That'll make the wind blow in your favor. Native Americans have been some of the most unluckiest motherfuckers throughout American history. These people woke up one day and their whole country was stolen from them. What kinda luck is that? Pocahontas didn't bring John Smith good luck. Hanging around her almost got his ass killed...Why don't you use people who just won the lottery as mascots? I'll cheer for the Washington O.J.'s Better yet, use Ryan Seacrest as a mascot. Week after week, the fans would be annoyed as fuck, but luck would be on your side.


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interesting how the lovely day website says they only accept mastercard and visa...forgot about the nail clippers.
gotta love wanda - and am definitely over seacrest.
is it 5 yet?

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