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The Human Head Weighs 8lbs

Mother of God...I just did my entire entry and Yahoo crashed. Yes, I know, JESSE, use Web Wrangler. Okay, I've learned my lesson. Well, not really, because I am still typing into this application. Screw it, I'll just copy it before I try to save it next time. Ugh. Okay...let's see, what did I talk about? I discussed the warm day and how we should all enjoy it, even though it is evidence of the global warming that is going to annihilate the planet soon. I mentioned that I was going to Royersford, PA to visit Dana and Seth for the weekend (will give you a train time in a minute, D.). Dana's hosting a game night and promises that I don't have to play any card games. I went through the whole explanation of how I don't like card games or games involving dice because I don't have any LUCK. But I love Boggle, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble. OH, and I mentioned the woman I interviewed last night. Huge apartment on west 57th street. The largest hallway I've ever seen in NYC was lined with framed maps and opened up into this pristine living room, complete with grand piano...with walls lined with carved stone heads on 5 foot tall white square pillars. The lady is French, she's a financial whiz, makes her own jam, is on the board of this and that, everybody in the family is attractive, the kids are bilingual and the 11-yr-old boy sings in the Metropolitan kids choir or whatever. They summer here and winter there (any time the name of a season is used as a verb, you know you're talkin' $$$$). Anyway, it was all very interesting, but all I could think about were the stone heads. I mean, do you really need THAT many stone heads? Couldn't that money be put to better use? Feed some starving kids or something. At one point, I started to ask, "So when you find a head you like..." and she laughed hysterically and exclaimed, "Oh you don't FIND the heads..." Okaaay. She "explained" what she meant, but I didn't understand a word she said. I have no idea how I am going to put together this piece. Oh well. So yesterday my Bloomie's buds (Maria and Meridith) and I discovered some motivational materials posted in the kitchen. Check out the pics...apparently, we are supposed to stay away from negative people. Since we are ALL negative because this working environment sucks, this directive really doesn't apply to us. There was also an angry rant posted on the office water cooler. I'll let that picture speak for itself. (Although I will ask: how much lipstick do you have to wear that it rubs off and leaves an imprint on the water spout thingy?) Well... I think I covered most of what was in my original post. It's not nearly as fun as the original but WHATEVER. Have a great day and gorgeous weekends, lovelies.


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Empty threats, Canada...empty threats, eh?

Be nice! Don't start screwing around with your limited fan club. You may just end up writing to yourself!

Thanks, Napoleon...i mean, MOM...i mean bad speller.

Drink water out of the flippin tap as it comes with all those extras - proteins, carbs, ameabas, parameciums and all of those things that make you more resiliant when you go to Mexico and the like


Jesse: p.s. WHATEVER.

Love the pics. Just b glad that you won't b here much longer, dude. ps: Coding HTML in your web browser is so 2005.

I am wondering if anyone in Bloomies hell has considered that it is possible that someone was actually DRINKING from the water cooler spout and that is how the lipstick got there AND thes sign does not cover that so I would expect the problem to continue.........

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