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Sorry this entry is boring, but I'm sick...

Today, I am...drum roll please...home sick from work! I can't remember the last time I called in sick to a job. I woke up this a.m., head heavy, body aching (from boxing, really), nose stuffed and glands a bit swollen and thought, "It's Friday...give this shit a rest already." So here I am...off from work, my adorable cat sleeping in front of my computer monitor as I type. Vicky, are you warmed by the thought? Did manage to go to the screening of Imagine Me & Youlast night after standing in a huge line in the freezing cold for an hour (don't ask me why I do these things) and my new favorite is now Lena Headey. Movie was cheesy but really cute. Don't think Cricket would approve, but what can you do? Hung out with Vicky, BFF, Sandy, Jen, Steph and Maceo last night while Jen and Steph put the finishing touches on Jen's new album. Maceo and BFF were as adorable as ever. Ellen, you'll be interested to know that Jenny, Stephan and Mr. Maceo were on stage singing with Bruce Springsteen recently at a tribute to Springsteen's 1982 acoustic album Nebraska. See pictures. Great review here. If you don't know who Jen is, check out her website and listen to some tunes. Her gig schedule is on the site, so next time she plays, go check her out! Tell her I sent you.


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