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Saving the Princess

Holy crap, January is almost over! Time flies when you are doing nothing specific. So how about this damn weather? Anyone else waiting for the earth's core to spew up onto the surface? The weekend was decent, I guess. Friday night I met up with the photographer I am doing some copy work for. She served me white wine so I was on another planet for a few hours. (I CANNOT drink white wine, it's like LSD for me. Not that I've done LSD, but whatever.) Afterwards, I met Tim and Vicky and we went to Sweet and Viciousand later, Vig Bar. (FYI - we are soooo hitting Vig Bar a Friday night sometime soon. It's tiny, but if you find the right spot in the back, you can observe hedonism at its finest, while dancing to one of the more eclectic music mixes in the city. Lots of guilty pleasure songs. Good times.) Had brunch with Tim on Saturday at the very fun 9th Street Market in the East Village. We waited a while to get a table, but the "Belt Buster" egg sandwich (my heart aches just thinking about it) and the passion fruit mimosa (now, liver is aching) made it all worthwhile. Stayed in on Saturday night and did laundry - very necessary, as I had started to dip into the Christmas sock pile. You know how you try to clean out your closet and you end up getting rid of nothing because you convince yourself that you are going to need each item for one very specific occasion? In this case, I was right. I remember attempting to get rid of the stupid christmas socks and thinking - well, what if I run out of regular socks...? YOU SEE?! This doesn't bode well for me getting rid of my Charlie's Angels t-shirt, et. al. Oh, I watched the movie A Separate Peace on Saturday night. You know, the one that's based on the John Knowles book. I read that book in 8th grade or something and while I didn't really remember the actual story, I remembered feeling vaguely uneasy the whole time I read the thing back then and felt the same sense of unease while watching the movie. It's such a bizarre study of the fragility of the human psyche and the angst that is married to our self-imposed social hierarchies. I felt equally uncomfortable when I read Lord of the Flies. I guess the discomfort stems from knowing that we are unpredictable animals and could turn on each other at any minute. Yikes. Okay...enough THINKING. It's only Monday. Back to the weekend - went to this bar on Mott St. with Vicky and Paul last night and we played Ms. Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. 3 because they have a Sega Genesis and a Nintendo. Radical, dude. Radical. Remember that game "Bases Loaded"? They had that. Yeah...great story... Anyway, Vicky was impressing BFF like crazy with her mad skillz and he kept promising her the world if she'd save the princess. She didn't save the chick last night but she will, BFF. She will. Have faith. Happy Moonday.


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