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Rockin' Out in Royersford

Good Monday to you all. It’s raining and cold and blah. Fabulous. So last night it took me about one million hours to get from Hamilton, NJ to Penn Station because some idiot kids put a cement block on the train tracks and our train ran over said block. I guess I should be thankful I’m not dead, but since I’m not dead, I’m just going to complain about how I had to wait on a freezing cold platform for an hour and a half (I mean, 725,000 hours… xo, James Frey). Anyway, kids from Hamilton, NJ suck and they should all be locked up. I know you are all DYING to know why I was in good old Hamilton, anyway. That is because I was returning from my trip to Royersford, PA, where Dana and Seth hosted a magnificent game night in their basement. There was poker, billiards, sword fighting, dancing and eating. The merriment ensued for hours. There were little kids there, too, but they weren’t the Hamilton, NJ types – we didn’t have to worry about them wielding wrenches, cement blocks or bad attitudes. Annie was shaking her ass like a mini Michael Jackson and since she’s only one year old, I have to assume that with the sort of talent that was on display, she’s been dancing since the womb. (Must’ve been a fun nine months with her, Kate!) And Little Josie partied so hard that she had to hit the Tums. (I don’t think it was the vegetable dip, Dana, but you KNOW that the sour cream measurements were in question.) In any case, it was a fabulous time. My only complaint was that there should’ve been more dancing. Next time, Annie…next time – I know you tried to get everyone up there. Oh and we never played the car game, Seth. I wanted to play the car game. Sunday was the yooz for me at the Rosencrances. Meaning, we ate leftovers and curled up in their dark basement to nap and watch movies on a huge TV screen with surround sound. Como se dice happy and content? Seth made me watch “The Dukes of Hazzard” and “Underworld”, two movies which I would have NEVER rented in 352,000 years (xo, James Frey) but ended up LOVING and now I have to go see “Underworld:Evolution” – who’s in? You go, Kate Beckinsale…you go. Can’t believe she has an 8 year old kid. Seth graciously drove me to Trenton, the fourth circle of hell, and all the train fun began after that. Got home so late, and by the time I ate (grilled cheese, mesclun salad with goat cheese, chocolate milk and a Yuengling lager), I really couldn’t get much of my Brides mag piece done. Ellen tried to help, but she kept talking about leg-warmers and Mariah Carey's emancipation – I couldn’t stop her. So here I sit. My coffee is getting colder and colder because I can’t do two things at once, fluorescent lights are beaming down on my partially wet head (did I mention it was raining…AND I’m getting a cold) and the Joe Pesci sound-a-like is hacking up a lung in her office. Really gotta get working on that screenplay revise. Yeah.


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muuwaaaahh! (insert evil laughter here). have to start working - just got another cup of joe- having a groundhog monday.
might hit the gym for a class that will prevent me from walking for the next 1,000 days (xox j.t. leroy).
watching wedding crashers tonight if you B interested.
i feel like a bad ass in my shirt. correction- i AM a badass in this shirt.
loving the franz cd- it's going on your i-pod tonight.
had a bad day...

Dear Skully:
O.M.G. - I go to turn on my alarm clock last night and WHAT song is playing? Seriously...NO EFFING JOKE - bad day. NOT KIDDING. We control the world.

shake it off ;) my mariah shout out to you today. sorry my brain shut down last night- only had ears d'angelo.
monday blues- skipped to work listening to "bad day"- love it.
wearing my skull t-shirt in your honor today. gotta get back to work-okay, okay, okay.

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