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Luck Be a Phat Lady

It's Friday the 13th. Is anyone superstitious? Is it just because of that movie that Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky. Who decided that 13 was an unlucky number, anyway? I don't really think it's more unlucky than, say, 3. Ah, I hate luck anyway, because I don't have any. I mean, I have my relatively decent health and great people in my life, but I've had a hand in some of that, so it's not pure luck. Luck is picking the number Mrs. Cali says she is thinking of when you are in 3rd grade and you are dying to have that gorgeous, one-of-a-kind plastic globe. 17 was the number I did not choose. Luck is involved with board games and card games and all of that, and, as you all know, I don't like playing those games. I think it's a control issue. Plus, luck lets me down, so why should I put myself out there. I'm not buying a stupid lottery ticket. "Hey, you never know..." Nice slogan. Guess what? I KNOW. Luck shmuck. 'Nuf said. I actually DID NOT go out last night. My liver was smiling this morning when I woke up, I could feel the joy inside. Was supposed to maybe go out for Paul's bday but I don't know if they did anything. Victoi? You have update? In any case, I'm not sure exactly when it is, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BFF. I owe you a Penelope dinner! Cleaned my room and my closet last night! Now I can find my desk AND my clothes so I guess I can work on the revise of my screenplay AND I won't have to wear this sequined top anymore because my sweaters are back in the rotation. Oh, lovely Nancy Mattia is including me on the Brides magazine contributor's page for the bit I just did for her re: weddings songs. I don't know what month it's for, but I'll let ya know. I'm bored of myself now, so I'll end this entry. T.G.I.F.13, people - have great weekends, if I don't talk to ya.

P.S. New Jersey's new slogan is New Jersey: Come See For Yourself. I think the runners-up were "New Jersey: You Talkin' to Me?" and "New Jersey: Fugheddaboutit"...but I'm not sure.


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