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Jon Stewart and My Mecca


Yes! Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars this year! That means I must have a party. Well, WE must have a party (Elron, Melisser?)! We certainly have enough booze and the fabulousness of vodka sours has been brought to my attention by Stephan Crump. I must share the sour joy with you all. Last night I worked until 3:30am on my wedding song lists for this Brides piece I am doing. Don't feel TOO bad for me, as I procrastinated until about 10pm. [I ordered the home dock for my Sirius portable. B&H Photo was the only place I could find it. The Jewish folk know what they are doing. It probably won't come for a month because, according to Sirius, "It's not officially out yet." Bizarre. One can only assume that they didn't know how well the radio units would sell and so they held off on the home dock. WHATEVER.] As I was saying, before I rudely interrupted myself with a large (and rather boring) BRACKETED comment, I was working on the wedding list last night and found myself air drumming to Peter Cetera (you know, the guy from the band "Chicago", and Chaka Kahn's "Feels Like Heaven". Wow. I wasn't sure what category to put that adult contemporary dynamo (that I OBVIOUSLY love) in, so I decided upon "Second-Time Around". I don't know why and I know you don't care, but I'm just sayin'. So it's only Thursday? This is turning out to be the longest short week ever. GOD. OOOH OOOOH...read about this store in New York magazine that is like, MY MECCA. No joke. It's in NoLita on Mott street (in your hood, Paul!) and it's called Laces and it's New York's first sneaker boutique just for women. I'm drooling, and I'll be there at some point this weekend. Who's coming????


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