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I Toats Know How to Quit You. Toats.

The Academy Award nominations are in and Brokeback Mountain is leading the pack with 8 nominations. I mean, it was a good movie and all, but as I’ve discussed with some of you, I think it has been very overhyped. I guess because it’s well-known actors playing gay? It was a pretty movie, I guess...long, lingering looks at mountains and hills and sheep. Nothing was golden or warm though. It was kind of damp, no? And I am quite sure that the original short story by one of my favorite writers in the world, Annie Proulx, was much more dimensional, quirky and nuanced. As for the performances, I think they were excellent, but not “LEGENDARY” as I’ve heard them described. I do think that Jake Gyllenhaal is kind of getting the shaft (no pun intended) at all of the awards shows. How come he is the supporting actor and Heath is the lead? If anything, I thought Jake’s performance was much better than Heath’s. I mean, Ledger warbled and mumbled and sulked through the whole thing and I really didn’t believe he was gay. Jake’s range of emotion, on the other hand, with just one look was amazing and I believed everything about his character. And that scene at the very end…I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but Jake gets major props from me. I haven’t seen a few of the other nominated films but I do think Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener were brilliant in Capote, so those are my faves, for now. While we are on the subject of entertainment, did you hear that they are taking that Geena Davis show, Commander-in-Chief off the air? Apparently the viewership for the show dropped by millions after the holidays. Bizarre. Poor Geena. But they aren’t canceling it, so you never know what’ll happen. Apparently they had replaced creator, Rod Lurie, with that dude Steven Bochco, who will always be the guy who created that Cop Rock show to me no matter how many legit things he does. Anyway, they “tweaked” the characters and, oops, they lost their audience. Why do network heads always feel like they have to fix shit that isn’t broken? Just let it marinate and promote it properly. They abandon shows, stick them in horrible time slots and then pretend they were never behind them to begin with. I feel bad for Rod Lurie, as he obviously created a show that resonated and ABC effed it all up. Oh well. I didn’t watch the show so I don’t know why I am getting so fired up. Let's talk about more important things, like Dana's baby! Apparently, Dana and Seth had an appointment to find out the sex of the baby but little Rosencrance was hiding the goods. It is obviously going to be a very modest child. In addition to the downward dog and warrior poses that 'lil R was doing, he/she was sucking his/her thumb. I'm going to have to have a talk with the kid about that right away as soon as he/she makes an appearance. I have opinions. What else is new? Have a nice Tuesday, people.


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