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Fight Club

Dying today. Cannot raise my left arm more than 2 inches. Boxing was FANTASTIC. The Trinity Boxing Clubis definitely poised to rock my world. Anyone who has EVER wanted to try boxing but is intimidated by the whole big buff guy/boxing gym thing should go here. The people were so cool, everything is totally chill and you get one hell of a workout. I was like - I have to jump rope for three minutes STRAIGHT? Trainer guy was like - yeah, three sets of three minutes. I struggled, but I prevailed. Not without tripping myself up about 400 times. And WTF??-- the dude next to me was jumping so calmly and quickly and was practically reading the paper while he was doing it. Whatever. I promised Jonathan I'd also go to yoga, so next week I'm gonna try a basics class at Laughing Lotus. Tuesday or Thursday at 8:30pm. Anyone wanna come? I figure that between the boxing and the yoga, I might actually morph into a healthy, fit person by the end of the year. Yeah, and hell might freeze over, too, but I'm trying, people. Did hit the Bloomingdale's holiday part at LQ before my boxing lesson. That was...interesting. As corporate as corporate can be. Since I left after 45 minutes, I missed all of the shedding of ties and cardigans and the like as the B-people got drunker and drunker and headed out onto the dance floor. I'm sure it was an interesting night and I'm sure that somewhere in this building today, someone is wondering if they really hooked up with Bob from accounting or if they were just having a nightmare. Ahh, fun in cubicle-land. Must finish my copy for the Bloomingdale's wedding registry ads now...apparently people are still doing the marriage thing...brave souls.


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I can't believe you cheated on me, Patricia...and with my brother...and in my MOTHER'S house! Disgusting. I'll never forgive you.

i think i had an unholy union with sol last night...

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