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O.M.frickin'-G. I cannot MOVE at ALL today. If you wanna know why, check out yesterday's entry. Muscle pain is even worse than yesterday. Was trying to throw my towel over the shower curtain rod thingy this morning and just couldn't do it. You really don't appreciate the muscle interaction that goes into everyday movement until you cannot move properly. An amazing thing, the human body. Last night had a couple of Newcastles (my favorite beer, FYI) with Elzer and DARRYL DARRYL DARRYL DARRYL (he's brought it to my attention that I've neglected him on this website) and then headed on home. Did nothing but have a strange dinner (cherry tomatoes, assorted cheeses and stoned wheat thins and sundried tomato stuffed olives) and watch TV. There was nothing to watch, of course. TV is just not doing it for me these days. Oh, but Jen was on Conan O'Brien last night! She sang "Little Hours". Looked and sounded amazing and Conan was loving her. Of course he was. I have to interview this woman tonight for this project I am doing with this lovely photographer named Marili. Apparently, the woman was this high-powered CEO who just up and left her job and now stays home, raises her kids, grows raspberries at her country house and makes jam. She's also an accomplished musician and who knows what else. Overachiever. So Vicky had her memoir writing class last night with the Gotham Writer's Workshop crazies. Can't wait to hear how it was, Veronica Koon. OH and Melissa went to see WANDA SYKES with Jeff in San Fran! How cool is that!? Jeff, did you KNOW I was obsessed with Wanda??? You have good taste, mutha f#*cka (that's how Wanda would say that shit). I'm tired...and Darryl is making me WORK today. WTF, DARRYL DARRYL DARRYL? Why are you so motivated about the One Day Sale mock-up this week? Fine, I'll focus...just for you and just for today, but only if we have a liquid lunch. It IS Thursday, after all. Let's celebrate.


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Well it's about time! I, as the President (yes, I said president) of the Darryl Fan Club am proud to see our boy in lights. Next? HIS picture on heatherleo.com.

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