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Clean THIS!

Getting to this entry kind of late today because I was finishing up the Brides piece, which Ellen helped me edit until 3:30am last night (how you feeling today, Hubbard?). Thanks for the assistance, lady. Now I'm eating HORRIFIC pizza (is there any other kind other than Sal's?), courtesy of Bloomingdale's. Today is "cleaning day" here, so I guess they figured we'd need some sustenance. I still don't really know exactly what I'm supposed to be cleaning, but I get to wear jeans because of all the cleaning, so that's good. And I'll tell you what--I am not going to clean anything. They've been asking, but I'm like, NO. "Oh, Heather, here's a broom..." NO SIREE... FREELANCE. "Oh, Heather - that vent is FULL of asbestos, use these gloves..." KISS IT...COMO SE DICE "FREELANCE". Thank God this week is almost over. Tomorrow I will journey to my sneaker mecca and engage in some light, and by light I mean cheap, shopping in SoHo...Prada peeps won't be seeing my mug. If anyone cares to join, give me a call.


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dear vandross,


Don Henley

comme se dice, you kill me ;)
so after last night, i've become a complete sap, longing for lite fm at my desk. thanks for the memories of last night (see what i mean!).
bark twice if you are tired girl.
ellen vandross

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