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A new year...that's right...let's get our shit together!

Happy New Year! There it is - done. The holidays - over. Thank God. And while we're talking about HIM again (because we are very, very holy, you see), let us and by us I mean me (because I am pretentious, as you all know)...ugh, i think my New Year's resolution should be not to digress, no? Okay - resolved. Now what was I saying? Wait, I have to go get some Doritos. Okay, I'm back. Yes, let me be thankful for all of you wonderful people that stopped by 240 E. 30th Street last night. It was a most excellent night and I am glad you were all a part of it. There was a small chance early on before the party that I was going to have a wear a stocking cap to the festivities, as a woman named Irma gave me a very intensive $18 haircut during my usual Saturday romp through the bowels of the city. As it is tradition that I MUST enlist a stylist to tempt the hair fates with me directly before every event that I attend, I thought it fitting that a woman named Irma would do the honor. I think that she was a little upset that I wouldn't let her do small braids because, after all, she was a "Hair Artist", or so it said on her card, and I was reducing her to a "Hair Stylist"--but let's just call her scissor happy for now. OMG I am digressing MORE THAN EVER. It's the opposite of the resolution. It's a revolution. Viva la revolution! (What?...I don't know, I'm hungover). Anyway, thank you all for coming, lovelies. It is good to know that if or when the shit ever goes down, I'll be surrounded by true friends of the most amazing caliber. (You're not bad looking, either.) Here's to a year of fresh starts, new challenges and, above all, lots of love and laughter. You guys are the best!


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