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December 30, 2005

Ryan, is this what you are wearing for New Year's?


December 15, 2005

Bloomingdale's Strike Contingency Plan

Bloomie's wants all of their employees to report to work AT THE STORE tommorow if there is a transit strike. HAHAHAHAHA. It is mandatory that everyone dress in "b-style" and work RETAIL. Hahahaha. I'm taking the day off, for sure.

Monday to Wednesday...on Thursday

I just had to change the word Monday to Wednesday on about 35 ads. Yawn. They're lucky I didn't type in Zzzzzzz. So, I have a meeting at Parents magazine next week to discuss a possible freelance position that involves going to different areas and giving people tips on traveling with their kids. (Tips will be provided, of course, I'm not going to make shit up.) Anyway, Barrie hooked me up (thanks, B!) and it sounds interesting and we'll see what happens. In other news, I was randomly thinking about Beverly Hills 90210 this morning and was wondering how Brenda and Brandon got to be friends with the rich kids. And what was Jenny Garth's character's name because I don't remember. And why was the other one so ostracized---Andrea... was that her name? Just cuz she was a dork? Or wait...didn't she lie and say she lived in Beverly Hills but really she didn't? So Brenda and Brandon lived in Beverly HIlls but in the ghetto section? Please...someone refresh my memory. In other news, it's Vicky's birthday tomorrow and we are going to KROCK at 5am to freeze our asses off and be there for his last show and then follow him to his new home at Sirius. It should be a very interesting day. The weekend is jam-packed with, count 'em, 5 parties and a Have Her Home By Ten show if Vicky and I can somehow get over there between the gala at Apt. and the shindig at Trump. Oh, the social life we lead. Just call us Muffy and Aston, minus the Potter. Hey, do you think we'll have a transit strike tomorrow?